Weekend Wishlist (#1)

This isn’t going to be a regular series (you all know from my Fortnightly Finds that I can’t keep that up!) but I thought it would be nice to do. I like to map how my tastes change over time, but I also like to keep a note of things I really like just in case I win the lottery. So here goes with my first wishlist!

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve become a massive fan of Revlon’s lip products by reading various blogs, and I want their new stains/balms in pretty much all colours. I’m trying to resist the temptation but one has already accidentally made its way home with me! I’m going to have to resist though as I had some large and unexpected expenditure to deal with this week – so no pennies left for treats!

As you know from this post a few weeks ago, I love Massaman curry. I’m craving it again, but I can’t afford the paste, fish sauce and tamarind that I know it needs…I’m going to start picking up ingredients gradually over the next few weeks to spread out the cost!

It’s getting very cold at night, and rather than turn the heating up (and raise the bills!) I’ve been relying on blankets to keep cosy. I love this one from Muji (which happens to be one of my favourite shops at the moment!).

Valentine’s is coming up, and everything seems to be turning red/pink and heart-covered. I’m normally not a fan of this, but I’ve taken a shine to this notebook from Paperchase. I really am a stationary lover, though already have far too many notebooks!

Since receiving Naked 3 for Christmas I’ve been on the lookout for a good eye-primer to really enhance the shadows. The Artdeco one is something I really want to try at some point.

You probably all know that I’m a fan of Filofaxes – whilst I love mine I think this Osterley would be the perfect compliment to it. Having said that, the new release Filofaxes should be published around now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what will be available to buy this year.

Finally, I really fell in love with this shirt dress in Dorothy Perkins today. I love shirt dresses as they tend to fit me perfectly, and I love the pattern and colours of this. So pretty!

Have you fallen in love with anything recently?

  • Ever since blogging my filofax has been my bestfriend and I love the revlon lip balms I have the colour pictured above it’s gorgeous for this wintery time of year x


    • I’ve used a Filofax since the start of university, I now have two and couldn’t be without either! I definitely want to buy more of the Revlon lip balms as I really enjoy wearing the one I have. Thanks for the comment! x

  • The dress looks very cute 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m really very tempted by it! Trying to restrain myself though as I have to shell out for a workwear wardrobe over the next few months… x

      • Umm… silly question (obviously I’m too lazy to do the research or stalk you :p), but what do you do as that dress doesn’t classify as appropriate workwear?

        • Ah! I’m at university at the moment, but from June I’ll be undertaking an actuarial placement for a year within a large insurance company. I just feel that the dress will come up too short for the office! x

          • You sure? Paired with black tights, a narrow belt and a cardi, or a blazer? Anyways, you’ll still be needing a great everyday garment to tide you over until June. And it’s about the same price as three of those Revlon stains, but you’ll probably make better use of the dress than each of the three stains.At least pop by the store and try it on, and think of how it’ll be an investment. Even if the hemlne turns out to be too high for the insurance company, you’ll use it for lectures, lunch with friends, windowshopping, and you’ll look and feel super cute pairing it with a lippie and a flick of liner 😉 Did you read that in Isla Fischer’s voice from Confessions of a Shopaholic? Because if you didn’t you have to read it again :p
            Have you tried the Urban Decay or Too Faced primers, btw?