Brand vs Budget: BB Creams

2014-01-26 11.13.28

I’m not the hugest fan of heavy foundations, mainly because I don’t have the skill to apply them, they always look cakey, often show up my dry patches, and it just takes far too much time. Tinted moisturisers were my base of choice as a young teenager, but I quickly realised they were actually far too dark for my skin. Luckily for me it was seemingly on trend in my school at the time to look as though you’d bathed in Tango…

Over the last few years BB creams have taken beauty shelves by storm (more recently CC creams, which I haven’t ventured into yet) and luckily for me they seem to be available in slightly more forgiving colours. Today I compare Garnier’s BB cream (which if I remember rightly was one of the first to hit UK ‘drugstores’) with Aldi’s cheaper version. My review of the Aldi offering may be in vain; I bought it in a reduced basket for 1.99, and have only seen in on rare occasions since, so I have to accept it may be discontinued.

The Garnier one comes in at £9.99 (when not on offer) and is in a small and rather annoying tube – the plastic is rather stiff, and it is near on impossible to (1) get a small amount out, and (2) get anything out when you’ve used around 75% of the tube. So not only is it more expensive, but it seems ridiculously wasteful too. Aldi’s version is obviously making use of cheaper packaging, but I prefer it, and the matte look of the tube actually appears relatively high-end.

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In terms of colour, it was really hard to show the real difference. In all my photos the Garnier appeared to be the lighter shade, but I’ve found that totally untrue, with the Aldi one blending in to my (very) pale skin far better. Coverage and lasting-time is, on me, better with the Aldi version, and my forehead doesn’t turn into an oil slick like it does wearing Garnier.

Texture wise, Aldi’s BB cream is nicer to wear, it feels lighter. I can feel the Garnier sitting on my skin, it’s thicker and harder to blend, and it feels oily virtually straight away.

Now onto breakouts. I wouldn’t class my skin as sensitive, but it hates foundations and anything of that type. Neither of these BB creams were an exception. They didn’t cause a big reaction, no cystic pimples, but just a few more spots, a few more inflamed pores. If anything the Garnier one was slightly worse, possibly due to the slightly oily texture.

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If I’m honest, neither of these products blew me away. Maybe its just be, but I’d still much rather stick with an illuminating moisturiser, with concealer and a translucent powder when necessary. Any more of a base is just wasting valuable sleeping time! Forced to choose between the two, I’d definitely choose the Aldi version, simply due to its rather wonderful colour match and improved ease of application. Budget wins!

  • Great review, if you still want to try BB creams, I can’t recommend Skin79 enough!

    • Thanks, it seems to come highly recommended so I’ll have a look for it! x

  • Thanks for this review! Might have to try and get my hands on the Aldi one if they even stock it over here (Germany). I’m currently using the Garnier version for sensitive skin and I’m quite pleased with it. Usually my skin tends to get really oily during the day but due to my pregnancy this hasn’t been the case for a while (really hoping it’ll stay this way post-partum as well but somehow I don’t think I’ll be so lucky) and the sensitive skin version is fine now, but before being pregnant I used Garnier’s BB cream for combination/oily skin (it looks the same design-wise but comes in a slim and slightly longer tube than the regular versions and it’s got a liquid consistency) and that worked fine for my oily skin. Have you tried that one yet? Might work better for you if you have oily skin, too.

    • I don’t actually have oily skin (its quite dry) but the Garnier one turns oily on my skin if that makes sense?! Thanks for the recommendation though. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! x

  • Hi there! Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog! I’m so pleased you like it and it is quickly becoming one of your favourites!

    Lots of love,
    Georgia | For the Love of Thrift

  • I was never a massive fan of BB creams but if you’re really pale, then I’d suggest looking into the ones offered by Skin79! They have different options, and one of them is for dry skin x

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin | youtube

    • I’m definitely looking into that, sounds almost perfect for me! x

  • Great post idea… I’ve used the garnier and it was fine, but like you I just wasn’t overly impressed!


    • It just didn’t blow me away, and definitely didn’t seem worth the price tag! x