What’s Cooking Wednesday (#11)

Last week I completely forgot to write this post…oops! Instead I will start this week’s installment with a few pictures of my meals over the past seven days;


2014-02-17 19.33.32

2014-02-12 19.07.16


2014-02-18 19.26.15


2014-02-15 19.24.59

Some amazing food here – including chocolate sausages, and a red wine gravy – details to come soon! Now onto this week’s menu:

Wednesday – Lentil Korma

2014-02-03 11.50.32

Thursday – Something with Leftover Rice

Any ideas? I don’t really fancy fried rice, which is a bit annoying as that’s what I’d usually go for!

Friday – Cottage Pie

My freeze is full of these, so I will take advantage as I’ve had a bit of a poor week in the vegetable eating.

Saturday – Three Bean Chilli

I think I’ll let Friday & Saturday’s meals be interchangeable so I can adjust based on the quality of my veg!

Sunday – House Dinner

We have a guest cook of a housemate’s boyfriend treating us to a meal this week, and I have no idea what is planned. I took an extra turn last week and made Cottage Pie for 6, which ended up being a mammoth but very delicious task!

Monday – Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry

I’ve been craving one of these for quite a while, so fingers crossed I’ll have enough veg leftover – I’ve not been to do a proper food shop in two weeks already, so am running a bit low!

Tuesday – Carbonara

Something quick and easy for shopping night, and carbonara is probably my favourite pasta dish anyway!

Have you eaten something extra-yummy lately?

  • Wow. Looks like you are eating very well. I ate a lot of instant noodles when I was a student, but was lucky to work in the food industry while I was studying so I got 2 meals a day that was decent fare.

    It’s a shame you don’t like fried rice, that’s my favourite way to use up leftover rice. I love it so much sometimes I make rice so that I eat fried rice the next day. What don’t you like about fried rice? Perhaps you just need to find the right fried rice recipe?

    • Thanks, I do try to eat well! Its not that I don’t like fried rice, but I wasn’t in the mood for it (and had a lack of ingredients!) – I made a creamy rice bake instead which was pretty good! Thanks for commenting x