Baking: Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

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Pancake Day (as its commonly referred to) was never really a big thing in my family. We actually had them at least once a month growing up so they weren’t really a treat, though it was pretty much the only day of the year I was allowed to put ice cream, nutella AND sprinkles on the same plate! Now I’m at university Pancake Day is a much bigger occasion; last year the campus stores were completely out of flour and eggs by lunchtime. Though I must confess, me and my housemates still eat pancakes at least once a month…

Now because I can’t ignore that fact that it isn’t just Pancake Day…Pancake Day gets its name after the fried batter recipe traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday; they were designed to use up the ‘rich food’ of eggs and flour before the 40 days Lent. This BBC article actually explains the significance of pancakes to tradition in a way I could never do, so have a read if you are interested!

Now onto the yummy stuff…

This year me and the girls are combining Pancake Day with a girly night in. After a long day of lectures we’re cooking up Toad in the Hole, and then gorging on pancakes. And maybe doing each others nails too! Because I knew (1) I’d never remember to take pictures, and (2) it would be too late to post the recipe, I had an excuse to make pancakes with my boyfriend for a chilled Saturday breakfast this weekend. The sacrifices I make for you guys!

Normally I’d use a simple batter recipe, but my boyfriend favours a crepe style pancake, so when eating with him we stick to Deila’s recipe from her Crepe Suzette dish. I’m not going to reproduce it here due to copyright, so have a look at the link.

Pancakes1 photo 2014-03-01103748_zps0a9b82f8.jpg
Pancakes2 photo 2014-03-01103800_zpscb78975e.jpg
Pancakes3 photo 2014-03-01103705_zps21efdd11.jpg
Pancakes5 photo 2014-03-01104034_zpsc0a415a2.jpgMy top tips for pancakes are:

  • Fry in butter. It might be unhealthy, but it just takes better. However I do like the next few alternative is a low-calories oil spray – normal oil always makes them heavy.
  • Get the pan and fat really hot before adding the batter.
  • Swirl the batter round the hot pan quickly to get a thin and even pancake.
  • Leave the pancake alone until it moves when you shake the pan – otherwise it will stick.
  • I like to sprinkle my sugar as soon as my pancake is out of the pan – whilst it is still very hot. It then goes a bit syrupy. Yum yum!

My favourite pancake topping is the simple lemon and sugar (my tastes have become somewhat more sophisticated since my days of preferring ice cream and sprinkles!), but I am also partial to a mix of nutella with chopped nuts.

What’s your favourite pancake topping?


  • I’m so excited about pancake day – for me it’s tomorrow! I’m having friends over and the cupboards are full of nutella and dulce de leche and pistachio cream and jam and fresh fruit and mascarpone (fridge obviously). I spent last night experimenting with orange rind and blueberry pancakes covered in mascarpone, honey and more blueberries! Definitely a winner and I’m going to have them for dinner tonight 🙂
    Lucy xxx
    P.S I saw you’re at Kent, I live near Canterbury when I’m at home, if you haven’t already, go to Tiny Tim’s tearoom for the scrambled eggs and a scone! Maybe not for a student budget but it’s so worth it for a treat!! Margate old town is a gorgeous day out too (my hometown woo!)
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    • That sounds so good – we had a girly night of nails and pancakes yesterday and although our toppings weren’t as sophisticated as yours it was still damn good fun! And thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely try there for a treat sometime! If you have any more recommendations please do let me know! x

  • those pancakes look so tasty!!…and this is a bit spooky family have those same plates!!!ahh we have the plates,bowls,cups,mugs etc!thats a bit mental haha!:)xx

    • Thanks, they were really good! And that is spooky – these are actually my boyfriends plates (he has the best kitchen for photos as its so bright) but they are lovely, and the perfect pancake size too! x

  • These look so yummy!! I love lemon and sugar but I had hazelnut spread on mine this year, sickly but great!!xxx

    • I’m still torn between whether nutella or lemon/sugar is my favourite topping – I added chopped hazelnuts to my nutella this year which makes it a little less sickly 🙂 x