Budget Beauty: Spring Nails

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In the past week the weather has been beautiful, all I have wanted to do is go on walks in fields or by the sea (Whitstable is calling my name right now!). But unfortunately for this student I’ve hit my busy period and it feels like I won’t see the light of day until the end of May at the very least…

To make up for the fact I can’t go and wallow in the sun I’ve been splitting my time between staring out of the window, working out premiums using empirical bayesian credibility theory models (don’t ask!) and trying to get as much spring-like things into my life in possible. This includes switching my dark nail colours for lighter, prettier colours. Here are some of my favourites! (no idea why this photo is appearing darker than the others – they all look pretty similar until I transport to WordPress!)

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All of these products are pretty cheap (I picked up the Revlon one on a market stall last summer!), with the pink MUA (Ameretto Crush) being my favourite. This surprised me actually as I’m usually a fan of muted colours and this is very vivid! Topped with Barry M’s clear coat this stayed chip-free for 5 days (a record for me!) and had a very high-shine finish -impressed with this budget offering!

The Revlon (Sheer Peach) is my current favourite, and is my go-to colour for interviews and assessment centres – its so sophisticated, looks so more ‘done’ that a clear coat yet still doesn’t really show chips (and it lasts ages too!).

I bought the other MUA shade (Mud Pie) over the Christmas holidays and I’m undecided whether I like it – it is a very brown shade. I purchased Collection’s Milkshake over the weekend in the hope that it’s a pinkier-toned nude colour! If you have any other nude shade suggestions I’d be happy to hear them – everything seems too cream/brown/grey for my skin tone!

Another purchase over the weekend was Rimmel’s Nail White Pencil, and I have to say I am in love. My nails are in quite good condition and I have to confess 50% of the time I can’t be bothered to paint them. However I hate how the tips can occasionally look a little yellow (I’ve been experimenting with a lot of curry recipes recently!) and this rectifies it immediately. Obviously not as great as a proper French manicure, but they help my nails look lovely, healthy and well-groomed when in reality it takes about a minute to do. Coupled with the Revlon polish I can have a pretty well done ‘manicure’ in about five minutes, and this is fast becoming my favourite look.

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What’s your favourite spring manicure?

  • Love these nude shades, I have been after a good spring colour and they look really nice!!


    • Thank you – I love more subtle or toned down colours rather than brights, mainly cos I chip my nails so easily! x

  • Amy

    I really want to try MUA nail polishes these shades look gorgeous

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    • I highly recommend them – the quality for £1 is amazing, I’d always look on their stand before anywhere else if I was after a specific colour. Thanks for leaving your blog link, I really like it! x

  • Such pretty colours! That sucks about not being able to go out – have you researched libraries in the area near the coast? At least you could go and study and then have a walk on the seafront before getting the train back! Maybe a bit too much effort though :p don’t forget to check out Margate and the Turner gallery and old town when the weather perks up (lots of exciting food things happening in Margate at the moment, I’m going home in a couple of weeks and am expecting a food Marathon) and Broadstairs beach is massively popular during the summer!
    Nail varnish wise, have you tried Kiko? Stupidly cheap and a massive range of colours! I know they moved to the UK recently so give it a go 🙂
    Lucy xxx
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    • Thanks! Because I’m a maths student I generally don’t work in libraries, all I need is a sheet of questions. As soon as its a touch warmer I’ll probably go sit outside and work though! Margate sounds amazing, might see if I can take a trip there this weekend actually 🙂 And I haven’t tried Kiko, but I love the look of their eyeshadows so am very tempted to put in an order! x

  • Very beautiful pastel colours! All so trendy for this Spring season 🙂
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    Lu ❤