Budget Beauty: Reward Cards

RewardCards photo 2014-03-30113508_zps643708b1.jpgAs you can see from my bulging purse I’m a huge lover of reward cards. There’s a general post on the subject scheduled in the next week or so (I have so many I had to split the post up!) but this is all about my beauty cards, what I get the most use out of, and how I like to use them.

First up I have probably the most well known beauty reward card – the Boots Advantage Card. I’ve loved mine from the moment I got it, I’ve always loved knocking up points then treating myself. Over my first year of university I used all my hard-earned points on everyday items, which saved me a lot. However I felt a bit cheated, so I’d definitely recommend treating yourself. The best thing about this card is the ease of building up points (4 for every pound, often with bonus events), regular vouchers, and the free magazine.

Then I have a little bit of a strange one – my Holland and Barratt card. I have no idea what the reward scheme actually is, but I signed up during an offer where I automatically received £1.50 worth of points. This is a bit slow to rack up I admit, but I only tend to buy a couple of items (more will become clear in the next few weeks – but one of my all-time favourite skincare items is from their shelves).

Finally I have my beloved Bodyshop card. I was reluctant to sign up to this as you do have to pay (around £5) but I’m pleased to report that it is worth it. I’ve more than got my money back during their 40% off weekends, and you get a£5 product/money off during your birthday month. Not to mention the stamps that build up to money off – I currently have £15 to spend on mine!

One last little thing, a request from me. I have £35 on my Boots card, some of which I want to use to buy a little treat. Anything you recommend? I’m visiting a store with a MAC counter over my holidays if that helps…

What’s your favourite beauty reward card?

  • I only signed up for the boots card in the last year! My mum and my friend always got on at me for not having one so I finally broke down and got one. I have still yet to really use it but I’m trying to use it whenever I top up my phone due to the fact you do get quite a few points!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    • Once you get in the habit of using it, points add up really quickly. Get out Treatstreet, as then you can get points when you shop online too. Buying my laptop boosted my points balance loads! x

  • Try and book an appointment with the MAC counter if it’s an option and then you can buy whichever products they try out on you 🙂 I love their lipsticks, they’re so good! And didn’t know about the 40% off at weekends with Body Shop, thank you!! xxx
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    • I’m lusting after so many MAC lipsticks, I have a huge list to swatch! 40% off weekends in Bodyshop are when I always stock up – I want to get some of the cocoa scrub though before it comes of sale! x

  • Linda

    I used to buy a Love Your Body card every year then stopped for about 2 years. I bought a new one a few months ago though, and I’ve just got myself a Boots card as well. Good luck with finding something at Boots, there is so much to choose from!


    • I couldn’t chose something in the end – just means I can accumulate more to spend! x