Lifestyle: Day Trip to Cambridge

 photo 2014-04-26162705_zps2b58c16b.jpgSometimes me and my boyfriend want to get away from our local town. Setting an hour’s drive limit means that he doesn’t have to drive too far, and we’ve managed to explore lots of lovely semi-local places. A few Saturdays ago we decided to visit Cambridge. I have family over there, but haven’t actually been into the city since 2001, and my boyfriend’s most recent visits (still over two years ago…time flies!) were overshadowed by the fact that he was attending a university interview.  photo 2014-04-26162642_zpsd2ec05b5.jpgWe ended up having a really lovely day, and it wasn’t as expensive as we were expecting – £3 each park-and-ride ticket, and our lunch (which I didn’t photograph) was a relative bargain at £9-£10 for huge portions. We took advantage of knowing a current university student so had a lovely wander round his college gardens – such a different university life from ours! I’m just going to post all of the pictures taken on our day, with a few captions – so yes it’s a little more picture-heavy than normal, but they do say a picture speaks a thousand words…  photo 2014-04-26162535_zps980492e7.jpg  photo 2014-04-26162303_zpsbe6d747c.jpg  photo 2014-04-26162708_zps9dea639f.jpgWaiting to catch up!  photo 2014-04-26123410_zps3e17fa22.jpgCheeky selfie – we were interrupted/surprised by our friend Matt turning up, and I managed to catch Will’s reaction here! If you’re interested, the makeup I’m wearing is – Bodyshop’s Mineral Powder (lightest shade), Naked 3 eye shadows, Natural Collection mascara (the best, and cheapest, I’ve tried!) and MUA Power Pout in the brown shade – sorry I’m not being too descriptive! photo 2014-04-26164022_zps7d1fb6bb.jpgWe didn’t go punting, but will definitely give it a go next time – we’re planning to go back after my exams.  photo 2014-04-26162219_zps940d6a61.jpg  photo 2014-04-26162159_zpse77a9b69.jpg  photo 2014-04-26142259_zps6504b095.jpg I managed to drag both of the boys into the Inglot shop, and spent a while in there dreaming up my perfect palette. I’m not too sure how I felt about the eyeshadows to be honest – maybe my Naked palette has spoilt me?! I found that the shimmery colours were mainly lovely, but all of the mattes were horribly chalky with awful colour payoff. I have a lovely matte eyeshadow from Sainsbury’s (own makeup brand) which is far better, and my Sleek palettes have matte shades which are also far better! I calculated that it would cost £18.50 for my ‘dream’ palette (3 colours), and I’m undecided as to whether I’ll shell out or continue saving for Naked 2. Any thoughts?  photo 2014-04-26192904_zps4835fd4f.jpgWe finished the day off with a takeaway pizza – I found one without tomatoes! Its the first takeaway pizza I have had for a long, long time, and it was perfect. A garlicky, herby pesto sauce, with lots of stringy cheese – yum! Best of all was the price, it was a ‘large’ and at only £5.50 it made both a filling dinner and tasty lunch the next day. All in all we had a lovely day, it was nice to wander aimlessly without having to ‘do’ anything! Nice to spend some time not worrying about exams too…

Have you been to Cambridge? Do you have any recommendations of things to do on our return visit?


  • Marta

    Looks like the gardens of Clare to me. I used to live in Cambridge (almost ten years ago now) and spent lots of time in those lovely parks and gardens. Such a charming town!

    • Well spotted – it was the Clare gardens! Absolutely beautiful! X