Beauty: Pampering with Lush

Confession time: I’ve never really liked Lush. I don’t particularly like the bath bombs (without fail all the ones I have tried have left me with sore skin), and the smell really, really puts me off. I can’t stand the smell of the bathroom after one has been used, let alone a full shop of them. I’ve used a couple of products in the past; Volcano foot mask (effective, but messy); King of Skin (probably my favourite, but hard to use – I would repurchase this if I could brave the store again!); and some form of solid cleansing bar that I can’t find on the site (caused spots galore). You get the impression, I’m just not a Lush kinda gal! Even so I couldn’t help get excited when my boyfriend came home from work with a bag crammed full of goodies. Here’s my mini-reviews of what I received.

 photo 2014-07-08103846_zps74c21797.jpgDisclaimer: These products were given to my boyfriend free of charge by our local Lush store, something to do with the neighbouring shops helping each other out. They were unaware of my blog, and all opinions are my own. I haven’t marked this with a * as it isn’t really a blog ‘freebie’ as such!

 photo 2014-06-28212331_zps1e8baf15.jpg photo 2014-06-28212650_zps7b2898dd.jpgCupcake is a chocolatey face mask, and was the product I was most excited about. The day of receiving this I happily slapped it on my (normal-dry) skin, and persuaded my boyfriend (combination skin) to try it too. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but my trip to see Coldplay at the Royal Albert Hall had me fashioning a side-fringe to hide the growing mountain on the side of my forehead. It wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t come alone. Yep, pretty sure this mask broke both of us out. My love for Lush certainly wasn’t growing at this point…

Things started to look up with the Brightside Bubble Bar. I love all things citrus but rarely get to indulge seeing as my sister has a severe allergy. This zingy bar produces loads of bubbles and bright orange water, smells delicious and leaves my skin soft. It does feel odd to soak in orange water so I do shower down afterwards – but this did win me over.

 photo 2014-07-08103827_zps6f7b2e86.jpgOnto another facemask; Oatifix has actually really impressed me. The smell isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t the typical overpowering Lush smell so I can cope. Yes it looks like you have spread sick around your face, and it does make a bit of a mess, but for me the results are worth it – this leaves my skin soft, hydrated and glowing. And, wait for it, it doesn’t break me out! I’d actually buy this again, if I could work out how on earth you could use it all before the best before date. I was unable to, and I only had a teeny tester pot…

Now soap. I love bar soap, I’ve even confessed to use one as my cleanser of choice. I was intrigued by Noriko soap, particularly as I can only find this one the US site. Having said that, mine looks nothing like what is featured there, so I wonder what I’ve actually got! I actually adore the smell as its subtle, fresh and just rather nice. It’s also a pretty moisturising soap too – I’ve taken to using it instead of a shower gel as it also has a teeny amount of scrubby bits. Bonus, it looks great on the bathroom side too!

 photo IMAG2306_zps1496a0b4.jpgI’ve still got a couple of products to try; Mask of Magnaminty (the one I have is self-preserving, something I’m quite intrigued by as one of my problems with Lush is the short shelf life) and Hair Doctor. I can’t say I’m particularly willing to try Hair Doctor due to reports of it stripping colour out – I’m pretty picky about my hair colour, and having had my preferred and back up colours both discontinued I’d sooner not dye my hair unless absolutely necessary!

I have to admit, some of these products have changed my mind slightly about Lush. I still won’t be tempted to venture into a shop, but I’d consider an online order if I needed a gift for someone and a few treats for myself.

What are your favourite Lush products?

  • The cupcake mask is generally for oily skin, but even on myself (I have oily skin) I tend to get break outs with this one. I love the catastrophe cosmetic mask best because it’s like silk on skin, smells amazing and always fixes me right up.

    The Noriko soap was a Christmas limited addition soap and it definitely looks like you got some UK Noriko there 🙂

    • I’ll have to try that one, Cupcake just really didn’t do it for me! Thanks for filling me in about the soap too – I love it! x

  • I’ve used the cupcake face mask before and didn’t have any problems with it, yet didn’t see any improvement either!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • From what I have read its just not a miracle worker – nothing bad, nothing great! x

  • I do like Lush but it’s quite expensive and the use by dates put me off, plus the store gives me a headache from the smell! It’s a shame about the cupcake mask, did it smell nice? I want to get a clay based mask from there but I can not be bothered to do my research haha!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • I think for the useage time the prices are too high – I’d prefer the tubs to be smaller too! I love my Bodyshop clay mask so I’m sticking to that – review to come soon! x

  • I love Lush but it’s the prices that put me off. I don’t like spending so much on bath things that don’t last very long! My favourite cleanser right now though is Herbalism from Lush.

    • I think smaller tubs and lower prices would work better! x

  • I adore Lush! My favorite company ever. I just wish I could get my other half to use their products too! 😛

    Best wishes, Danielle x

    • Aha, it was surprisingly easy! I think the chocolate scent helped…x

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