Student Summer: Basic Recipes

Bit of a cheat post, but I was recently sent a link to this infographic and thought it fitted really well within my Student Summer series. I will be doing more simple step-by-step recipes as the series goes on, but this is seriously useful.

Student Recipes Infographic

Source: Walton Robinson

Click here to print-out the individual recipe cards

 I’d have found something like this really useful when I started to learn how to cook – a bunch of healthy recipes in one place. Cookery books are all very well and good, but have you ever tried to keep some of the smaller ones open whilst chopping and stirring? It’s not hugely easy!

For more student recipes, I really recommend having a look at the Birmingham Student Foodie, Lottie’s Little Kitchen, Handbags & Cupcakes and A Girl Called Jack (not a student, but fabulous budget recipes). And of course, feel free to go through my older posts too!

What recipes would you like to know how to make?

  • Since being away for uni I’ve definitely got more into cooking. Im not the best at following recipes though as they always have so many ingredients that I don’t have and can’t afford to buy to only use a few times. That’s why I love student cooking books. One of my favourites is from the Sorted food team, they make videos on youtube and are great. Id recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

    Emma x
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    • I’ll definitely be checking them out, thanks for the recommendation! I’ve found the best way around the lack of ingredients is to treat myself slowly – it’s taken two years but I now have a pretty much completed (still basic!) spice collection! x