Beauty: What’s in my Shower

First off, let’s show a little appreciation for this gorgeous ‘product holder’ that’s hanging in the bathroom. Seriously cute, and the whole house I am living with is styled pretty similarly. The bathroom is gorgeous – massive, with a huge bathtub, massive marble-topped linen cupboard, and the most lovely mirror made out of an old-fashioned door. My accommodation this year is definitely spoiling me, student houses for next year aren’t very appealing!

 photo 81b84276-2fcf-4326-9069-5867a605aeac_zps01ab234a.jpgEver since becoming a student I’ve tried to keep my shower routine to a minimum. I’ve always shared a bathroom, and whilst that’s never been a problem I don’t want to be the first to be accused of hogging it! This year I’m the only one who showers in the evening (often in an empty house) but I’m still rushing through – renting a room means I don’t want to be taking the mickey when it comes to increasing bills. As I travel home at least once a month this isn’t a problem; deep conditioning and hair dying gets done then!

 photo 570149e1-2382-4d40-95d2-229a844f4789_zps9e06fa95.jpgI start my washing my hair. I have a strange routine normally, whereby I only shampoo once a fortnight, and co-wash the rest of the time. This has been blown out of the window since July when I won EmTalks’ giveaway of some Toni&Guy goodies. Whilst I can’t say my hair enjoys being washed ‘properly’ so often, I love the styling products and as they contain silicones co-washing wouldn’t be enough to actually clean my hair. Co-washing actually gets quite scientific and technical, but let me know if you’d like to see a post!

 photo 695f608e-8575-4959-8f40-ec617dabbe5c_zpsca980454.jpgAfter shampooing, I’ll load in a good handful of conditioner, using my fingers to detangle (I don’t brush my hair!). Whilst that’s sinking in I’ll wash and condition my body too! I have quite sensitive skin on my arms, with most shower gels really irritating it and drying it out. I now swear by Bodyshop’s gels, they are the only ones that don’t make me regret washing! I like more natural scents; Olive is a favourite, and at the moment I’m using Moringa which is light but floral. I’m desperate for the Wild Argan Oil one though, it will definitely be purchased as soon as that new range is included in offers – I can’t be the only one who refuses to purchase from the Bodyshop at full price?!

 photo 8c7cfc3f-5e4a-4d6f-bc66-c2cf6a2be8fa_zps08086004.jpgInitially unimpressed (to say the least) by Nivea’s In-Shower Moisturiser, it’s now something I use regularly. Now this wouldn’t be enough on its own, but its fine for layering underneath my more regular moisturisers. My skin feels less irritated by the water (I hate water down South, it’s so harsh on the skin!) when I use this too. I definitely wouldn’t rely on it, but I’d always like to have a bottle. I want to try the Superdrug version too, as it just smells slightly better.

 photo d61dfacd-25c1-42f4-b0d0-951c2049fde2_zps1ff8e3a6.jpgAfter all this I rinse out my conditioner, rinse my hair again upside down, plop it into a t-shirt, towel down, and slip into my pyjamas. All done in under 10 minutes. Give or take.

What shower products are you loving at the moment? Any favourite Bodyshop scent?


  • I love all The Body Shop stuff, Moringa is a lovely scent!

    • It is, so delicate but long-lasting. Bodyshop is fast becoming a bit of an addiction for me! x

  • I’ve been meaning to try the Nivea in Shower moisturiser, but I have the Body Shop sorbet and ita gorgeous in the moringa scent, feel like you could eat it (although its clearly makred not to!!)

    • It is good, though I wouldn’t use it as my only moisturiser! I’m really going to have to try these sorbets sometime! x

  • Thank you for sharing – but what the heck is co-washing? I’ve never heard of it!

    • Woops – co-washing is using conditioner to wash your hair, no shampoo. You can’t use silicones in any products as they won’t wash out, and it’s especially good for curly/wavy hair. I’ve co-washed exclusively before but have found that living in a hard-water area I do need a shampoo around every 10 days… x

  • I never buy anything from The Body Shop unless there’s at least a 40% discount going ๐Ÿ˜›
    I do recall there being a special two day event last Christmas when absolutely everything on their site was 50% off! So good, but I think a lot of things were out of stock.

    I’m intrigued by the in-shower moisturiser. I’ve noticed some body washes dry out my skin but I haven’t got super sensitive skin, so I mostly use my Soap & Glory sugar crush shower gel which is so limey and delicious! I have the scrub to go with it which is slightly more harsh and can irritate my skin so probably not for you seeing as you have sensitive skin ๐Ÿ™

    One shower cream I love is Dove – the regular one, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called but it leaves my skin noticably smoother and softer.

    N xo

    • I remember that – I got in quickly and bought a few bits! I’ve never been able to use anything by Soap & Glory without a bit of a reaction, even my beloved Breakfast Scrub doesn’t leave my skin very happy! x

  • I’m with you on The Body Shop – why pay full price when they have so many offers on all the time? I know what you mean about the water too. I’m from the South East and when I moved to Wales I noticed such a difference, it’s so much gentler on skin here! Your product holder is very cute ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


    • Agreed – so often things are cheap! Just waiting for the Wild Argan collection to be discounted, it’s annoying that its still excluded from offers! x