What’s Occurring Wednesday: Young Love

There’s so much stigma on people falling in love at a young age these days. It’s not helped by the trend of the other young people – the sleeping around, the lack of commitment. I’d be the first one to admit that I never, ever, ever expected to be in a committed relationship from a young age. My plan was always to try and work abroad at the earliest opportunity.

Life however dealt me a slightly different card. Four years ago today I went round for an innocent dinner at a new friend’s house, and came back with a boyfriend. Despite insisting to my mum prior to going to the local boy’s school sixth form that I wasn’t interested in starting a relationship. Despite insisting to friends that day that I wasn’t sure I liked him (that was a lie). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never turned away from what I wanted because of him, but what I wanted has changed. Yes, I’ve gone to a university 150 miles away from him, but that placement year in America? Well, I’m working in Surrey. And loving it, I hasten to add! I certainly don’t feel I’m missing out!

I’ve had a lot of questions about whether I feel that being in a relationship has made university life more difficult, more boring. I have to say no. Yes, I sometimes miss occasions and parties because it falls on a visit weekend, but realistically I know I’d much rather be with him than not. Sometimes I miss out on girly nights in because of Skype dates, but those aren’t just nights sitting staring at my laptop. They are giggly chats, playing cute songs to each other, catching up with our lives, and generally just trying to pretend that there’s not the distance between us.

 photo 2014-09-13150145_zps6a3c57b6.jpgSome of the best couples I know met when they were relatively young. One of my besties (hi Libby!) has been with her boyfriend since they were 15; currently long-distance between here and America (hat’s off to them!). Another blogger Briar Rose got married at a young age and looks wonderfully happy – I’m not a teeny bit jealous of course! And of course there’s my wonderful parents – meeting one lunch time on a blind date, with my seventeen-year-old mum announcing to friends that night that she’s met ‘the one’, they’ve just celebrated 25 years of marriage.

 photo 1157450_10151785402043516_1823432763_n_zps74278bb0.jpgIt all goes to show that sometimes following your heart isn’t a bad thing. I’m so glad that, terrified as I was, I took the plunge and held his hand four years ago. I’m grateful that I had the courage to keep going when we started university, because it only made us stronger. And I’m thankful, and quite frankly amazed, that’s he’s put up with me for four years. Happy Anniversary – here’s to many more to come!

  • AH! This is making my secret chic-literature fangirl squeal! I love the fact that this happens in real life. My uncle and aunt met when they were 14 and would have separated their 50th anniversary last year (he died of cancer a month before :P). All the power to you and your boyfriend! X Happy anniversary!

    • Awh thank you! That’s such a cute story too, such a shame when things ruin it. x

  • Such a lovely post to read. I have to admit I’m always a bit skeptical when I see/hear/read about someone who has a boyfriend/girlfriend in school and stays with them throughout uni – in my head it just doesn’t work! But for some people it does and I’m happy for you that it has šŸ™‚ you two are very sweet together. Happy anniversary.

    N xo


    • I’m sceptical too, until I remember I’m one of them – it definitely wasn’t the way I was expecting to live my life at all! Thank you! xx

  • This was so lovely to read. My parents have been together since she was 16 and he was 19. It was long distance for the first three years, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. From having a speed read of your blog for the last half hour, you sound like the sweetest couple, I wish you both all the luck and love in the world. Happy anniversary from a new follower!

    • Awh, thank you for such a lovely comment – have a great evening! x

  • Aww this is such a lovely post. Glad to know everything is working out for you. I love love šŸ˜€
    Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more to come. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you – I’m sure there will be, and I’ll try not to leave a soppy post each year! x

  • A day late but happy anniversary, and here’s to many, many more in the future. Adults may frown upon it now, but my parents have been together since they were fourteen and happily married for nearly 30 years!

    Sammy xo.


    • Awh, thank you! Finally saw him this weekend and we had an amazing time! x

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