Lifestyle: Day Out in London

I’m now living less than a half an hour train journey from London. This is great for weekends when I’m not quite sure what to do, although I’m not too sure my bank balance agrees…

 photo 5d186392-1e2d-44fb-b6a2-e3bb22401da7_zps95523877.jpgI knew I had to see the poppies over at the Tower of London (I would have loved to buy one, unfortunately all sold out), so a few weeks ago saw me and my boyfriend heading into the city for a belated anniversary celebration. We saw the poppies, ate Wahaca, did some shopping, browsed Borough Market and cooked/ate steak…all followed by a moonlit walk along the river. A lovely relaxed day, and I took along my camera to practise using it.

 photo 2014-10-11130555_zps9bda5b6c.jpg photo 2014-10-11130549_zpsc849f641.jpg photo 2014-10-11130110_zpsc868ef0e.jpg photo 2014-10-11130056_zpsc8e4e118.jpg photo 2014-10-11130604_zps762c456a.jpgThe poppies were an amazing sight. I can certainly see why people flocked to see them; not only is it a beautiful sight, but it’s sobering to think that every single one of those many flowers represents a life lost. A wonderful tribute to these people, brilliantly thought up, and absolutely stunning.

 photo 2014-10-11160243_zps52409faf.jpg photo de4d6aa9-cc9c-4f60-969f-835a0998ac32_zps1a9f6c8d.jpg photo cba40020-601a-418f-81a5-39ecce17bfe3_zps0d519448.jpg photo 8396b853-d69d-4bad-ab4e-6f2d00ed2a97_zpsf447db23.jpg photo cb6707b8-4c26-4067-974c-3701d0fc6089_zps57e91e14.jpg photo 9503e468-b958-4156-800a-7d70491997bf_zpsa81b1024.jpg photo 2014-10-11155240_zps2ec268a1.jpgWonder how long these would take to kill me?! photo b263b0ed-4ac2-4037-962a-4f5b64ce031e_zps53da36d5.jpg photo 9832aaa7-8f08-4458-a291-8667736625c4_zps03f73642.jpgSpending time in Borough Market is one of our favourite things. There’s always something different to see, always yummy food to try (this time we stuck to a nutty brownie, and a smoothie). One of my favourite place is Spice Mountain. I have a huge, huge, huge list of spices I want to add to my store cupboard (they are so expensive!) and this place makes the list grow every time I have a browse. Kaffir lime leaf powder is the latest addition! I also love, love, love the fresh produce stalls. The place with all the mushrooms is amazing – I just wish they still did the pots of mushrooms where you grew your own!

London is such a lovely city – I hate that my most frequent experience is the tubes on Friday rush-hour when I have a connection to make. So days out like this make me fall back in love with the place. I’ll just have to visit more often!

Out of interest, what’s your favourite thing about London?

  • The poppies are amazing- I went to see them before it was complete and even then I was really taken by them. I love living in the outskirts of London and I enjoy so many things about that, but my favourite thing about London would probably be Heathrow Airport! I love planes so having so many coming over all the time is what I enjoy most about London!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • I live rather close to Gatwick and love watching the planes. Theres a bench near me where I can see the runway, it’s fabulous to sit up there and watch! x

  • The poppies are so great to go and see – they are stunning! I am glad that they have really grabbed the attention of so many people as it’s such an important thing to remember – if you get chance the imperial war museum has just re done their WW1 exhibit and it is really good so I recommend a visit! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Definitely – its an amazing exhibition and coincidence or not, I’ve noticed a lot more people wearing poppies this year. Thanks for the recommendation too! x

  • Your photos are looking great Chloe!


    • Thank you lovely – glad to see you blogging again! x

  • everything looks so lovely, i’m hoping to make a trip back next year!

    • I do love London! It was a beautiful day too – though I am looking forward to drinking mulled wine and seeing the Christmassy things soon! x

  • How did I only just find your blog?! Not only am I in love with your layout and design, but I am absurdly jealous you made it out to London to see the poppies! Sounds like I need to plan a little weekend away 🙂 x

    • Awh, thank you! They were absolutely stunning, one of the most hauntingly beautiful sights I’ve seen x

  • The road full of red poppies is so amazing and impressive. Love your photos so much. London is so beautiful ^^

  • I’d love to visit the Poppies, so beautiful and meaningful. Your photos look great, as does all that food!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  • Amazing photos, I’ve never been to Borough Market, it will have to be on my list of things to do next time I visit London. Every time I go so much of my time is spent eating, as it is one of the most important things in life 😛

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

    • Thank you! Borough Market is amazing, I highly recommend a visit! x