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If you looked into my wardrobe, if you spoke to my boyfriend, you’d realise very quickly that I love floral things. Floral dresses, flowery skirts, even rose print shirts, I have them all. They suit me, I feel feminine and classy, and they are so easy to wear. But its not just floral clothes that I love. Having flowers scattered in jars and vases around my room instantly cheers it up (though I have to be careful – my room is so small that it can easily be overpowered both in terms of view and scent!). Floral knick-knacks are a favourite, and one of my favourite summer perfumes is heavily floral scented. A So it must come as no surprised that when I was offered the chance to receive some dried flowers from Sous Chef* to play about with, I jumped at the chance!

 photo 2015-02-07 09.41.32_zpsrvnhajep.jpgI was originally going to bake with these, but my ‘lifestyle changes‘ put a stop to that one. In all honestly, I’m still baking. But if I’m going to break my diet, I want brownies. Instead I’ve found other creative ways to use them, and I have to say I’ll definitely be putting an order in for more!

All the flowers I received were edible, so my original plan of Rosewater & Flower cupcakes wouldn’t have poisoned anyone, but I like to think how I’ve used them is a little better for me.

 photo 2015-02-07 09.41.56_zpsyxrjadz9.jpgJust half a teaspoon of jasmine* and a single hibiscus* steeped in hot water (I mean steeped – as in let go cold, fish out the bits and microwave hot again), and you have a amazingly flavoured ‘tea.’  I’ve enjoyed adding a teeny bit of hibiscus to my work water bottle, it adds a subtle flavour that makes drinking water far more enjoyable.

 photo 2015-02-07 09.37.33_zpsvzvbbgrk.jpg photo 2015-02-07 09.38.24_zpslhnompsq.jpgGoing one step further, I’ve found the jasmine makes a wonderful addition to my DIY Radiance Facemask, adding a bit of exfoliation that makes the mask work even better. Roughly chop a teaspoon or so of the flowers (or whizz in a processor), and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Add a little more honey to make it all stick together, and buff onto the face. Rinse off and there you have it – glowing skin, naturally. Just be careful with the turmeric, it stains EVERYTHING.

 photo 2015-02-07 09.30.14_zpsi7zeqj7q.jpg photo eb023105-4250-41be-a361-68e57c1a3935_zpsubki8vyu.jpgAll this being said, my absolute favourite way to enjoy these flowers has been by far the simplest. Just add to a steamy bath. Light some candles. Put on some chilled music. Add a glass of wine, a few chocolates, a good book, and there’s my perfect night in. The flowers add something so special to the bath, a luxurious scent that doesn’t irritate my skin or nose. Just wonderful.

Have you ever tried using flowers in baking or homemade beauty products? Are you a fan of natural ingredients?

  • Helen

    Never tried this but it looks lovely, thanks for sharing! <3

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    • ninegrandstudent

      No worries! x

  • Sammy Smeth

    I’ve never tried anything like this but it’s such a good idea – I definitely want to have a go at this now! I could save myself a fortune in Lush…

    Sammy xo.

    • ninegrandstudent

      Oh definitely, and this way is far less messy too… x

  • emily

    I did something similar with the bath…made a salt scrub with salt, dried lavender, and dried rosemary. There’s some kind of orange flower (not sure what it’s called) that is edible and has a peppery flavour-its good in salads.

    • ninegrandstudent

      That sounds amazing – though for some reason lavender causes my skin to totally freak out! x

  • This is very cool – you’ve come up with some great and creative ways to use them. I am also such a huge fan of floral and I like the idea of incorporating more actual flowers into little day to day rituals like tea and baths.

    I’m also on a diet and so definitely don’t need to be eating cupcakes, but I do hope you get around to posting that recipe someday!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    • ninegrandstudent

      I’m sure the cupcake recipe will make an appearance in the future! x

  • Jasey Jade

    This is really interesting and cool I must say! Never saw this before.
    Jade x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks! x

  • These are really cool! I think they would be fab in the bath. I have actually been doing some home made bath bombs and I think these would be so great to be put in them – then they can come flowing out in the bath when you use. I love florals too! I love a good floral dress – can’t go wrong! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      Have you posted about making your own bath bombs – would love to read it! x

  • Hannah Boxall

    lovely photos and this is really cool x

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks! x

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