Lifestyle: A Weekend in Oxford

Having an income this year (I’m currently on full-time placement) has resulted in hugely itchy feet. I’m desperate for some European trips away, but with W a good few hours away trying to organise that has proved a logistical nightmare. Instead we’ve settled on a few UK city breaks – resulting in last weekend being spent in Oxford.

 photo 2015-02-01 15.56.39_zpsmujqiktb.jpg photo 2015-02-01 14.19.12_zpsudpr1ro0.jpg photo 2015-02-01 14.17.37_zpso8j0koj9.jpgA teeny city really, Oxford is so picturesque. It seems a lot more peaceful than Cambridge (we visited for a day last year), although most of the colleges were closed to visitors. We stayed at the Newton Guest House, which was perfectly located, and great value for the price. Just a few improvements and it could be a gorgeous boutique hotel – breakfast needs work, and the old fusty-smelling wardrobes need to go! But for a good £30 less per night than anywhere else I’m not going to complain…

 photo 2015-02-01 14.15.02_zpsnas3n78b.jpg photo 2015-02-01 14.14.43_zpssjvntjdh.jpg photo 2015-01-31 18.24.41_zpspqkzfijn.jpgWe spent most of the weekend just enjoying each other’s company; this first time we’ve managed to be properly just the two of us since June last year. We played tourist, warming ourselves up in museums and photographing the pretty buildings. A few lovely date nights too – so night to put on glamorous make up and heels (so I can see over his shoulder!).

 photo 2015-01-31 14.02.54_zpsz3yqv3wk.jpg photo 2015-01-31 14.02.39_zpsqqwke0z2.jpg photo 2015-01-31 13.55.52_zpsritpth5y.jpg photo 2015-01-31 13.55.21_zpsufq1qjrj.jpg photo 2015-01-31 13.53.40_zpsawnzceva.jpgThe Natural History museum is well worth a visit. It’s small, but we spent a good couple of hours in there. It’s amazing how many exhibits they have crammed in there – a good amount of dinosaurs and animals, plenty of rocks and even a live bee hive. Gorgeous building too.

 photo 2015-02-01 13.27.07_zpsf15oioj9.jpg photo 2015-02-01 13.26.47_zpstyme5fff.jpgWe also enjoyed the Ashmolean, though I have to say I much prefer places like the Natural History. It’s a matter of personal taste though!

 photo 2015-02-01 15.34.41_zps6bbgq3yv.jpg photo 2015-02-01 14.19.26_zpsk8fwuhae.jpg photo 2015-02-01 15.45.57_zpsqlogvdma.jpgWe also had a romantic if freezing walk along the river – I was definitely glad of the oversized scarf! We made a quick retreat when it started to snow, stretching out a pot of tea in a cafe as long as we could to stay warm!

I’d definitely recommend Oxford for a city break if you’re looking for something slow-paced and relaxing, but with plenty to see. From pricing up other options it’s also excellent value – far cheaper to get to and stay than York or Bath (my other wish-list cities at the moment).

Oh, and happy V-day people! No matter what your relationship status, today is the day to wear pretty underwear, eat chocolate and love yourself and those around you!

Have you been on a UK city break recently? Where would you recommend we visit next?

  • Joanne

    Wow, nice photos! These buildings are stunning. Dying to visit places like these (teeny towns like Oxford haha) in Europe! Just the best, really. Xx


    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks – it is a stunning place! x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you! x

  • Aww it looks like you had a lovely time despite the weather! How do you find hotels for so cheap? I always struggle for me and my boyfriend!

    • ninegrandstudent

      I just stalk websites like LateRooms etc until I find a good deal. Signing up to site newsletters is also good for any 10% discount codes too! x

  • emily

    That looks like so much fun! I haven’t had a city break recently, but I’ve been wanting to head to Vancouver, BC for awhile-its the nearest big city to me and I’d really like to see the art museums and craft breweries. Maybe at the end of the month….my next two weekends will be taken up with marking my students’ midterms and this weekend was spent meeting the Japanese exchange student who’s staying with my roommates and I for the next 6 weeks. So busy…Obvs a UK city break is out of the question for me anytime in the near future-that plane ticket across the Atlantic is so expensive! I was in London for a week 3 years ago and would love to go back-it wasn’t enough time to see much.

    • ninegrandstudent

      London is amazing, so many places to visit. I’d love to some across to America and Canada in the near future, Boston, Toronto, New York and Vegas are high on my list! x

  • I’ve not been to Oxford yet but it looks absolute divine and, yep, very similar to York! Natural History museums are one of my go-to attractions on city breaks. They’re always so fascinating 😀 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      I love museums, the more dinosaurs the better! x

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