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What feels like ages ago, I wrote this post. I wrote about making little changes to improve my lifestyle, make me feel better about myself. Last month I was overjoyed to slip into a pair of size 10 skinnies and be under 10 stone for the first time in years. But this weekend, this happened.

 photo 2015-04-12 12.23.16_zpssnthxlfm.jpgSize 8 skinny jeans. And high waisted too. I cried in the changing room. I’ve tried them on everyday since buying them, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’ve pictured them above against the jeans I have been wearing for a few years. And yep, that’s the true size difference. They’re both stretchy denim too, both high-waisted!

To make me even happier, these jeans were pretty much a bargain courtesy of my favorite new app, Zeek. Basically it allows you to buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers, and they let me test it over the past week. You make a small saving on the voucher you buy and they are often electronic, meaning you pay on your phone even in store. Pretty useful, especially if you receive a voucher for a store you’ll never use! And using my code 2vcbyd you’ll get £5 off your first voucher too…

 photo 09fd7913-ae36-4933-8b8e-e14f1c314ddd_zpsmeysmzow.jpgTo be honest, slimming down this much wasn’t in my goals. I wanted to feel comfortable in myself, to stop over-eating. I haven’t really ‘dieted’ excessively as such. I’ve cut down the carbs in my evening meals, I’ve made sure i’ve stopped eating when I’ve been full. I’ve exercised more. I still have curves (miraculously, I’ve not lost anything from my chest at all), but I’m healthier and fitter than I’ve been in years. I’m sleeping better, I can run from the tube to platform 18 in Victoria without still wheezing at Clapham Junction (scratch that, East Croydon!).

 photo 2015-04-11 13.54.41_zpsuegeep9l.jpgYou may wonder where the above burger fits in with a weight loss post?! Well, I’m not depriving myself. I enjoyed this treat on Brighton beach last weekend (an hour after buying said skinny jeans!), it’s from Burger Brothers and it was AMAZING. Blows Gourmet Burger Kitchen out of the water, and it’s pretty clothes to Byron standard. If it was a little thicker, cooked a little pink, it would be pretty spot on. The deal with burgers and weight loss? No fries, and no doughnuts from the pier.

 photo 5af187a2-1c5c-4133-892c-c42071c0fb25_zpszmi2uypt.jpgI’ve eaten more salad, but I’ve never enjoyed it more. I’ve upped the fat in my diet (I was advised by a gasto consultant my food was actually significantly lacking in the stuff), so salads are actually yummy. Nuts, dressing, eggs, bacon. All the kind of things that make a salad enjoyable. Spicy salad made with tabasco? Hell yes! Chilli salad with beans and cheese? A weekly staple.

 photo 00fc096e-2a13-493f-838b-c5e68add6745_zpsmg8phizh.jpgI’ve enjoyed using A Salad for All Seasons. It’s a book I was sent as part of an un-salady collaboration a few months ago (the Florette one, where I made a salmon pasta). I didn’t use it for that collaboration and wasn’t asked to make a comment about it, but it’s become one of my favourite cookbook. It’s perfect!

 photo 2015-02-08 17.08.52_zpsztvdyxqu.jpg photo 2015-01-10 20.10.13_zpsn6lc6hz5.jpgI’m not going to slip back into my old ways. I’m going to keep exercising, I still want to do a bit more toning work on my thighs. I want to improve my fitness, keep up the running and manage a 5k. I want to maintain the shape I am right now, because quite honestly, I do feel pretty damn confident. I’ll be less strict with myself, I’ll let myself have a bowl of pasta a week, but that weight is staying off!So if you’re struggling with weight loss, it is doable. I’ve gone from avoiding mirrors to being so proud of myself in less than four months.

The downsides? I’m using safety pins to make my skirts stay up. And my younger sister thinks she can steal my new clothes (though I can also have my old ones back!).

Did you make an lifestyle changes over the last few months?How have you been getting on?

  • Angela

    Massive well done! It’s not easy, but I think the proverbs ‘everything in moderation’ and ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ sums it up! My mum’s dieting and has had pleasing success (like you) with that philosophy.
    Angela x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Definitely, that’s why I’m trying to live by…as I try to justify the three fry-ups in four days! x

  • Joanne

    Wow, way to go! Keep pushing forward. Reading this was really inspiring for me. I can only imagine how proud and happy you must be!

    I’ve also been making some changes like doing cardio and working out. I’m putting extra attention into my diet as well. I’ve never been overweight or anything, but at the moment, I’ve been on my ideal weight which is a good start. I haven’t noticed any big changes like the ones you wrote about, but hopefully someday I will! Thanks for sharing. <3


    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you so much. Not only do I feel so much more confident but I feel a lot healthier too…most of the time anyway! x

  • Congratulations! So glad you are making lifestyle changes and not following a “diet”.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks – it has definitely worked well too! x

  • Congrats! This is really good – you go girl! It feels great to fit into smaller size clothing!

    I used to be a chubby kid (around 10st when I was 18) however I’ve had to make lifestyle changes due to various allergies and intolerances recently (wheat, gluten, dairy, sugars, tomato, egg, cocoa, fish, rice, vinegar and soy) and I’ve lost two stones – I’m like 8st now and desperately trying to put on weight but still awaiting further test results!


    • ninegrandstudent

      Wow, wouldn’t fancy living with all those intolerances. Tomato and dairy is bad enough! x

  • Congratulations! And it makes me so happy to see that you’re not depriving yourself and you still eat a burger (or another ‘cheat meal’) once in a while. You should be really proud of yourself!!

    Simone | Crush on Blush

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks – I really am! Though three fry-ups in four days probably is taking ‘treating myself’ too far! x

  • Jennifer K

    Congratulations! I love how healthily you’ve done this and you must be so pleased – definitely deserving of treats in the form of new clothes and burgers! Although I’ve never come close to being ‘overweight’, I have a fairly petite frame and did put on a bit of weight due to overdoing the sweets and chocolates to make up for long days on placements. This term I’ve decided to stop doing that excessively and to start really enjoying making healthy salads again – bring on summer salad season!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks – I’m gradually treating myself to a few new bits and pieces but want to make sure I can stay this size first! I reckon I’m quite similar to you – I’m petite so any weight gain looks more significant on me! x

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