Lifestyle: Falling for Autumn

Autumn is by far my favourite season. There’s something so magical about the changing colours of the leaves, the chill in the air, the fact that Christmas is just about the corner. We can start pulling out the blankets, the chunky scarves, the boots that we’ve so carefully stored away. It’s a time where we don’t have to use blush to fake rosy cheeks, where it’s not too warm to walk hand-in-hand, where berry-toned lips every day are acceptable.

 photo Falling for Autumn 6_zpsn9gpuxil.jpg photo Falling for Autumn 2_zpsy7sxmzjb.jpgIt’s no secret amongst my friends that I love Autumn. I love kicking crisp, crunchy leaves about, I love the cosy feeling the first stew-and-dumplings of the season brings. I’m determined to have an Autumn wedding (complete with blankets to snuggle under, a roaring fire and sparklers…).

 photo Falling for Autumn 3_zpsdurovmef.jpg photo Autumn Makeup 3_zpse8vczghh.jpgThis Autumn I’ve gone all out. I’ve got a log-fire candle burning, cinnamon in EVERYTHING. I’ve got the cosiest new blanket on my bed (I bought it way back in February but have restrained myself from using it until the new university term!). I’ve got fresh fluffy socks. My most oversized scarf is back in rotation and my ankle boots are firmly back on my feet. My makeup is full of plums and browns, I’ve toned down on the highlighting.

Weekends and evenings see me cosied up on the sofa, cooking up comforting food an luxuriating in the fact that this is the last year I can afford to sit around and do nothing (we’ll ignore studying for now).

 photo Falling for Autumn 4_zpskqgu4xfb.jpg photo Falling for Autumn 5_zpsbjrlmtlq.jpgAutumn is also a time for new beginnings, at least whilst still in my academic years. I’ve refreshed my Filofax, slimmed down my wardrobe, decorated my lovely new room. I’ve pinned countless soup recipes ready to try, perfected my roast chicken recipe, downloaded as many Kindle books as I could afford.

I may have loved summer, may have loved the feeling of the sun kissing my skin, but it’s Autumn that truly has my heart.
 photo Falling for Autumn 1_zpsawuijaif.jpg

Are you a fan of Autumn? What’s your favourite part of the season?

  • Catherine Lux

    I’m such a summer girl and really love hot weather, but I’m very slowly getting used to the cooler days, and really looking forward to Halloween and everything pumpkin!

    C x | Lux Life

  • Nice photos! You look cute♥♥

  • I love your scarf! I’m a huge fan of fall too because I love getting to see the leaves change!

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thanks, it’s actually a huge oversized infinity scarf from Muji a few years back. It’s so cosy! x

  • Wow you look eerily beautiful in that first photo. I feel like its an image out of vogue instead of a blog! Stunning 🙂 Come and check out

    • ninegrandstudent

      Your comment actually made me tear up a little, thank you so much lovely! x