University: Goals for Final Year

Despite being a term in, I’ve realised that I’ve not really set myself too many goals for the remainder of university. Whilst I have already given myself plenty of New Years Resolutions to work on, I reckon I can set myself a few university specific targets too. Nothing like aiming high!
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Graduate, Achieving The Best Result I Can

Up until last year I was fixated on the idea of getting a First. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still love one, and I know damn well I’ll still be disappointed if I don’t get one – BUT I’m not going to kill myself trying. I have very nearly done some lasting damage to my arm by writing too much, for too long, in the wrong position. I’ve had sleepless nights thinking about an assignment question, I dream about spreadsheets. Whilst I’m going to push myself to do my best, I’m not going to let it be detrimental to my health.

Make the Most of Living with my Best Friends

Not much I can say about this one! I’m dreading the summer when we pack up for the last time as it will be a definite ‘not living together again’ – though I know for sure we’ll be staying in regular contact! Having a gorgeous room, lovely house and the best housemates has so far made final year the best year!

Budget Properly

Whilst I do tend to keep control over my (sparse) finances I want to be doubly careful over the next few months. I’ll hopefully try and write (AND stick to and update!) a proper plan, and it will definitely mean no more sneaky New Look purchases…

Do my Physio Exercises Daily

I was really good at these up until mid-December, but then life got in the way and I’ve found myself sitting down to work without exercising, then an hour later wondering why I’m so stiff and in so much pain. I’m meant to do a couple of exercises morning, night and during the way too – I normally do the morning ones, so now it’s time to up my game a little.
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Keep on Top of Revision Notes Before Revising

I think this was my biggest downfall in second year; not having revision notes even started before Easter. This year I’ve been a lot more on top of it; with two ‘courseworks’ in exam-conditions during my last week of term for one module I managed to get those notes all done and dusted, I’ve done two modules worth so far over the Christmas break, and I’m planning on getting ahead with another module before we start it next week. Perhaps a little keen, but whilst I’m feeling productive why not?!

Cook Something New Once a Fortnight

I often find myself getting into a rut with meals and snacks at university. I have my regular meals which I batch-cook and tend to rely on, I eat far too much carbonara, I stick to pretty much the same baked goods (Nutella Banana Muffins anyone?!). I want to challenge myself to cook a few new bits and pieces over the next few months, I really fancy trying to make a tagine.

I’m also determined to come up with some more healthy snack ideas and recipes. All too often I find myself with a handful of biscuits (and when your boyfriend fiancé demands you keep them in the cupboard on medical grounds it’s not an easy habit to break!). I got a few healthy-eating cookbooks for Christmas so I’m hoping there’s a bit of inspiration there!

Write Some University Fashion Posts

I’m really happy with some of the outfits I’ve been wearing on a more day-to-day basis for uni over the last few months, and I’m also pretty chuffed with my figure at the moment (I went and tried on a certain kind of dress last weekend and was pleasantly surprised by how good I looked – it’s the first time I’ve felt so confident about myself!) so I really should take the plunge and do some outfit posts more regularly.

 photo University Goals2_zpsrujei6ip.jpgSo, some typical ‘study hard’ goals, but also some bits that are more personal, but that I really want to achieve before I finish university and end up wearing a suit each day!

Do you have any goals for the next few months? Any advice for final year?!

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented before. I graduated this past summer so, with a little personal experience, I think your goals are great. Especially about making the most of living with friends. As soon as working life starts, it’s very difficult to actually have to schedule in seeing people, so don’t take for granted having your best friends in the rooms right next to you! also, make sure you have fun! It’s very easy to get caught up in the pressure of your degree but uni is a once in a lifetime thing, so don’t let final year slip by in a blur of work and stress xxxx

    • ninegrandstudent

      I’m hoping that won’t happen! x

  • Good luck with final year – it’s a stressful time but also exciting – the beginning of a new chapter. I’m sure having set your goals and taking the right attitude (which you are) you’ll find it a breeze and it’s nothing to worry about – best of luck! 🙂 Sophie xx

    • ninegrandstudent

      Fingers crossed it will be fine! x

  • Good luck with your final year! It sounds like you’ve got some solid plans :). I’m only in the first term of my first year, so I can’t claim to know any tips, more like I’ll be stealing these in a couple of year’s time ;).

    • ninegrandstudent

      Oh, good luck! x

  • You are going to do amazing Chloe! Do make the most out of living with your chums, it is the thing I miss most about university. Also MASSIVE congrats on the engagement – what an exciting year it is for you! Immy x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you so much lovely! x