Lifestyle: February Favourites

As I began to write this I thought that it seemed an awfully long thing since I’d typed a ‘favourites’ post – and I was right. Somehow I managed to completely forget to write one for January, whoops! This February (and January really!) has been majorly taken up by studying, coursework, sleeping and eating a lot of food. Not a bad few months, but not exactly exciting!
 photo Feb 2016 Favourites_zpsq3z1udic.jpg photo Valentines Weekend in Staffordshire 4_zpsqkrxtrzs.jpg photo Valentines Weekend in Staffordshire 9_zpscjdml2yu.jpg photo Valentines Weekend in Staffordshire 13_zpsarggiwxl.jpg

Countryside Walks

My Valentine’s consisted of a lovely, if slightly chilly, wander around Cannock Chase. It made me realise just how much I miss getting out and about in the fresh air. I’m going to make it a goal in March to get out for a walk at least twice a week – and not one that’s just to university and back!

Fruit Tea

I’ve recently cracked down on my tea intake; whilst I got it down last year (from 8-10 cups a day to 2) it’s crept back up again. I’m now getting into a routine of having my morning tea, then one when I get in from a day at uni – then fruit tea, flavoured water or squash at all other times. I’ve been loving Apple flavours, though my absolute favourite is Pomegranate & Raspberry. Perfect for relaxing with in the evenings.
 photo Thai Chicken Cakes and Satay Noodle Salad 2_zpslh4xg3qv.jpg photo 2016-02-20 13.26.55_zpsc0w0acxd.jpg

Good Food – and Lots of It!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of food, and this past month has been full of yummy things. I’ve been trialling some store-cupboard veggie bits and bobs from Granose – with some trepidation I must say! In fact they’ve all been surprisingly delicious so far, with the sausages being absolutely delicious with mash and onion gravy. I’ve also enjoyed some delicious Asian meals, and obviously I’m super excited for National Pie Week next week!


I’ve really been loving Instagram over the last couple of weeks, which has resulted in me upping the game when it comes to my own profile. I’d still love to improve my own account a little more, but it goes get difficult when the vast majority of my time is split between studying and sleeping!
 photo 2016-01-23 16.29.59_zpsve8kbfpv.jpg photo 2016-02-04 13.58.50_zpsmkffdaog.jpg

Wedding Bits and Bobs

Whilst we haven’t reallyyy started planning yet, we’ve started putting together ideas (we’re already pretty much decided on centrepieces – priorities right?!) and even made a rough guest list. Next weekend we’re off to the Wedding Show in Birmingham, and I’ve got a few dress appointments lined up for my Easter break. Our plan is to do rough research now, then really kick-start the planning process towards the end of summer.


I spent a whirlwind 28 hours in Switzerland over the weekend, and whilst extremely nerve wracking it definitely reinforced how much I love the country. Trains that don’t run late and lots of cheese – what’s not to love?!
 photo 2016-02-11 12.30.25_zpskqa8rqdf.jpg

Cookies By Post

Will made some of my favourite White Chocolate & Cranberry Oat Cookies a few weeks back – and then sent me two in the post as a mid-week pick me up. The cookies were delicious, and it caused much giggling when the bemused postman asked me if the parcel was meant for our address – as it was missing the house number and road name…

I can imagine the next few months are going to be full of studying, excitement over revision timetables, and not a lot else! Roll on June – which will bring an end-of-exam mini-break (fingers crossed!), a few concerts and the start of my summer!

How was your February – any highlights to share?


  • Ami

    I bet you can’t wait until Summer, uni is so full on isn’t it! I graduated in 2014 and I’m still enjoying the freedom I have and that’s with a full time job haha. Walking is something I should really take up to, I just seem to get the car everywhere for quickness these days.

    Sending cookies through the post was a lovely idea, hope you enjoyed them 🙂
    Ami x

    • ninegrandstudent

      I definitely can’t wait, only a month to go now! x

  • Sounds like a busy but enjoyable month! I feel you on the instagram front, so hard when all I do is pretty much work and sleep!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • ninegrandstudent

      Aha, completely! x

  • I am SO excited for you and your wedding plans, it must be hard to pop it on hold for a little while! Also, your Instagram is looking beaut at the moment. Immy x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you my lovely! It is hard, especially as I’ve discovered a GORGEOUS venue, I just want to get on with planning now! x

  • Such a cute post. Those cookies look seriously delicious 🙂

    • ninegrandstudent

      They were amazing, I need to bake them myself! x

  • Aww this is such a lovely post! Those cookies look AMAZING and I love your new goal to get out in the fresh air more – it’s probably one I should set for myself too! I had a little peek at your Instagram and yes it’s looking fab 🙂 Hope your March is as amazing as your February sounded x

    Jodie |

    • ninegrandstudent

      Thank you my lovely! x

  • I love how one of your favorites is lots of food, me every moment of my life! And your tea obsession is something I can relate to so much! I only recently got off the coffee kick using tea, but now I have the battle of drinking too much tea now, but I guess I picked the lesser of two evils. 🙂
    Erin |

    • ninegrandstudent

      Tea is definitely better than coffee – try fruit tea. I’ve definitely come round to it a bit more! x