Recipe: How to Make the Perfect Crisp Sandwich

Yep, I’ve gone completely mad. I’m writing a whole post on how to make a crisp sandwich. Officially insane.

Let me justify myself for a minute.

 photo Crisp Sandwich_zpsqlg5x3fo.jpgWay back in October I suddenly had a craving for a crisp sandwich (because carbs + carbs = happy Chloe). Yet every one I had was slightly disappointing. It genuinely took several attempts to make THE PERFECT crisp sandwich. And that is what I’m presenting to you here.

Soft, plastic-y white bread. Good flavoured, good quality crisps. A small amount of moisture. A bit of extra seasoning. A towel on your lap to catch the crumbs (there is no lady-like way to eat a crisp sandwich).

This is another study-day favourite, though one for where I’m either being really productive (and so don’t want to cook, or have left it too late and h-anger has set it). Or where I’m doing nothing and need to prevent myself baking up a storm. It’s filling, satisfying, a good combo of textures. It feels like a treat, yet takes (if you’re really slow) five minutes to make. Perfect.

 photo Crisp Sandwiches 4_zps9w8tlq4r.jpg photo Crisp Sandwiches 9_zpsqjn2rxyy.jpg(oh, the cake in the photos it’s my S’mores Brownie. So bad but so good!)


  • 2 slices of ‘plastic’ white bread. None of your fancy sourdough stuff. I favour Warburton’s Toastie here (no collaboration at all!)
  • 1 packet of crisps. Salt & Vinegar is my ultimate in a sandwich, though I do like the occasional Smoky Bacon. And it’s got to be Walkers. I’m a Leicester gal after all!
  • 1/2 teaspoon (if that – only a small amount) of mayonnaise (and mustard if using Smoky Bacon!)
  • Salt & Pepper

Empty half of your crisps into a bowl, and roughly crush. Spread one slide of bread very thinly with the mayo and mustard (if using). Don’t use butter. I find the crisp-butter combo too greasy. Top with the crushed crisps. Add a few whole crisps for good measure. Top with the second slice of bread (this will be dry – no spread!).

Serve with the rest of the crisps to add in as necessary, or crunch on separately. Devour. Crunch. Get a bit crumby. Enjoy.

 photo Crisp Sandwiches 7_zpsqnbcokdr.jpg photo Crisp Sandwiches 5_zpst54wadm5.jpgI find the Salt’n’Vinegar version works well with a cup of tea. And if you want to make that combination even better? Add a couple of grilled fish fingers. Seriously. Fish finger and salt’n’vinegar crisp sandwiches are my ultimate sandwich. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Are you a crisp sandwich fan?

  • Haha, I’m not much of a crisps fan (give me sweet over savoury every time!), but I do like a very occasional crisp sandwich – I think it’s the weirdness of a crunchy filling!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle & Wellbeing

  • Haha, love this – I haven’t had a crisp sandwich for about 20 years! x

  • I bloody love a good crisp sandwich! It’s roughly dinner time and should really cook my dinner; but I’d love to devour a sandwich instead!

    Sarah xo

  • FANTASTIC! I love a cheese and onion crisp sandwich with added slices of cheese. DELICIOUS.

  • emily

    Wow, I’ve never had a crisp sandwich. This looks…weird. No offence. Cultural differences, I guess.

  • Denise M

    Omg! I’ve not had a crisp sandwich in years! I agree that it does have to be the white plasticky bread that you use but I preferred mine with cheese and onion crisps with salad cream. If you want to ‘posh’ them up a bit further use a bit of coleslaw on the bread then top with the crisps before adding the secon slice. Tastes amazing!

    The Life of Dee

  • Fish finger and salt and vinegar crisp sandwich – that sounds amazing! I’m all for a good crisp sandwich. Cheese and onion make good ones and a little spread of syrup goes well too!
    Amy at Amy & More

  • Oooh, mayo on a crisp sandwich?! That is a novel idea! I am a huge fan of a buttered one, but I’ll have to try that now. The addition of fish fingers though is golden, WHY have I never thought about the combo before? You are a genius!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench