University: Saving Money in London

London is expensive. You hear this a lot, but I don’t think you truly appreciate just how true it is until you actually live there – I know I didn’t! “Sure” I thought. “Everywhere’s expensive for a graduate” I scoffed. Despite being on a (very) good graduate salary living in London can sometimes be tough.

 photo Student Budget_zpss6by45ja.pngRent is ridiculously pricey (I’m desperately hoping my landlord doesn’t up the rent in the summer!). I have a list far longer than my arm of places I want to eat. There’s shops on every corner. Delicious coffees to be drank and cronuts to be eaten. Travel within London isn’t too bad, but to get out anywhere? It can be ridiculously pricey! We’ve been lucky so far in that we’ve managed to travel out of the Capital for decent amounts, but that’s through being savvy – and used to hunting down cheap fares from our LDR days!

have produced a (pretty good!) infographic helping students in London. I definitely have to go and give @SkintLondon a follow, sounds like a great place to get ideas. Oh, and even if you only travel a couple of times a year, I’d highly recommend a 16-25 railcard. It pays for itself in just two visits home to me – and the saving on travel to places like Edinburgh means it pays for itself almost immediately!

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What recommendations do you have to save a bit of money?

  • The 16-25 travel card is great… But near impossible to actually link to your Oyster card! When I last tried to do it, it had to be done on a paper form. Which seems stupidly backwards!

  • Jessi

    Having moved from the Midlands to the north west and then down to the south east, I have found the increased cost of living to be a massive shock.

    Every six months to a year, I do a run through of our regular bills and see if we can get things cheaper. And we usually can!

    Our Sky (I know, I know, not exactly money-saving, but cheaper then sending my boyfriend to the pub every time there’s a match on…) bill is less than half – £35/month instead of £80. Our energy prices go down year on year by switching. Our mobiles are a bit of a cheat as my boyfriend works for one of the big providers so we get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 25GB of data and Spotify Premium for £5/month… but, it’s definitely worth seeing if your employer offers anything. Both our companies offer employee discount portals: an extra 10% off Boots, 8% Amazon cash back, etc. Not exactly money-saving in itself, but if you’re going to buy those items anyway it’s definitely worth it.

    I shop at Aldi, which makes a massive difference, too, but I make full use of my Clubcard for the more speciality items that Aldi doesn’t sell. Tesco do their Boost events where you can exchange your points for 4x value in dining and entertainment. Talking of loyalty cards, I also time my big Boots shop to coincide with spend threshold points vouchers on the app.

    My boyfriend thinks I’m obsessed but he’s secretly pleased too when we get money back from overpaying our energy direct debit every year!

    So much more I could have said, haha!!

  • I was absolutely gutted when I became too old for a 16-25 railcard, however now I’m only an hour and a half drive away from London, so can drive and tube in for not too much money. Great tips though for either Londoners, or people who like to visit London but on a budget.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench