Lifestyle: Happy Fortnightly Things #22

I’m not going to lie, over the past few months these posts had become quite hard for me to write. Whilst I’d like to think I’m usually a reasonably positive person, I’ve found the events of this year to have got on top of me. I’ve been demotivated (for blogging, for study, even for going out and seeing friends), and spent far too many evenings just mindlessly scrolling down my Instagram feed. This last fortnight I’ve had some good news for what feels like the first time in a while (which I’m sure it isn’t, but when the sad things start rolling in it’s far too easy to concentrate on those). This is definitely the happiest I’ve felt whilst penning up this post in a while!

So, what’s made me so happy…

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  1. I passed my exam! I mentioned an exam pass last time, but if I’m *really* honest – that one doesn’t count. I have to do it to qualify but it’s not particularly difficult nor time consuming. However last Thursday the results came out for the exam I took way back in April and I passed! I wasn’t expecting to if I’m really honest, but it was a nasty exam I had no wish to sit again (5 lever arch files full of notes, 6 hours of exam time over 2 days – no ta!). I’m looking forward to sending the folders up to my parents garage asap!
  2. Possibly shouldn’t class as an additional one – but not only passing the exam, but getting pretty clear over the pass mark. It’s upped my confidence for sure!
  3. Oh, and all the emails I got from my team at work. I have actually had study days since the results came out so I’m looking forward to actually seeing people today!
  4. My current role at work. Being on graduate scheme I get the opportunity to rotate into different areas – and whilst some aren’t exactly for me, the role I’m in for July is SO interesting.
  5. Getting my hard around a particularly nasty mathematical proof. It’s been a while since I’ve done proper statistics, it took me a couple of hours, but fully understanding it was worth the stress. (Yep, studying again. September’s going to be here before I know it!)
  6. Fresh fish. I love fish but it’s pricey – I’ve discovered mackerel which is both super-healthy and super-purse friendly. Two whole ones (head removed because W got squeamish the first time I bought them!) cost us less than £2 and were perfect with an orange, chilli and watercress salad.
  7. Brighton. Perhaps one of my all-time favourite places. I met my girls for a catch-up in the beach, a spot of shopping and a flight on the i360.
  8. Ben & Jerry’s Topped Salted Caramel Brownie ice-cream. Perhaps my favorite flavour. Soooo tasty!
  9. Wedding chats with a fellow bride-to-be. Being a young bride I do worry about talking too much about it with most of my friends, so it’s good to spend a whole evening talking all things wedding.
  10. Buying a pack of sausages for 34p on yellow-sticker. Sausage, mash and veg for £1.50, with plenty of veg leftover was my idea of a bargain (tasty too!).
  11. Duck & Waffle. My mum bought us a giftcard for Christmas and we finally booked ourselves in for breakfast. Worth the wait! It also turned into a bit of a celebration as I’d coincidentally booked it for the Saturday after results day and after Will’s diss hand-in. Perfect!
  12. Buying a matching set of luggage. Am I a fully-fledged adult now?!

What’s made you happy recently?

  • emily

    nice list! something that’s made me happy: my flight home getting cancelled and resulting in an unexpected vacation day in a mountain town after a long week of workshops. i did a ton of hiking (took 18,000 steps that day) and ate some amazing food and just chillaxed.

  • Can totally relate to how you’ve been feeling lately – whenever I’m in a bit of a rut or feeling stressed, worn out and irritable I take the time to focus on the little things I enjoy, such as curling up with a cuppa with a good book or TV series I can binge watch.
    I also try and do little scenic walks or day trips.

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

  • Congrats on the exam pass! Put down Instagram and celebrate xx

  • Well done on the exam and glad to hear you’re starting to feel a bit happier. I’ve got a week of visitors to wrangle including a mate and his missus I haven’t seen for about three years, my bezzie from Cornwall and my brother-in-law, girlfriend and kids. This is all leading up to our 4th wedding anniversary for which we always throw a party for our closest mates and family. I love a busy summer.

  • Big congrats on passing this exam! It sounds like you definitely deserve to celebrate it as a victory! xx

  • Kate

    Well done on passing the exam – sounds like a real monster! I love the idea of looking for things to be happy about, I can get swallowed up with negativity sometimes which isn’t good! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • So glad you are enjoying your grad scheme! I’ve just been offered a position on one myself and can’t wait to start!

    Katie //

  • Yes to so many of these! That Ben & Jerry’s sounds like a dream, and I never knew I would appreciate good luggage as much as I do now. Definitely adult status. 🙂 Congrats on passing your exam!

  • Congratulations on the exam! Sounds like your grad scheme is going well for you too, yay! I’m actually off to Brighton this weekend, really looking forward to it!



  • I absolutely love Duck and Waffle – the perfect place to celebrate. Congrats on the exam! xx

  • Yasmin

    Lovely little list! Ben & Jerry’s Salted caramel brownie ice cream has definitely made me happy recently! I love the strawberry shortcake swirl one too <3

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five