Life: Foodie Bucket List – The UK Version

So I’ve done the ‘home cooking’ bucket list, now it’s time for the UK version. Here’s a collection of the restaurants and places I most want to visit in the UK – by no means is it everything on my list, because that would be a VERY long blog post!

Instead this was just me sitting down for 5 minutes and listing down everything that first jumped into my head – because that’s probably the ones I want to do most, right?! Though realistically if I could just eat everything that would be wonderful…

  • Eat Lobster on the beach in North Berwick. This particular beach holds a special place in my heart, and I just know it would be a perfect meal.
  • Visit Sketch. If only to use the toilets!
  • Try the Hallomi Fries at KERB. My Instagram feed was full of them over the summer and they looked so damn tasty!
  • Eat at Wood Manchester. I actually met Simon (winner of 2015’s Masterchef) a few weeks back at an event run by Magnet kitchens. He was as lovely as he seemed on the show, and the dishes he cooked up were simply delicious – scallops and dahl, 18-hour pork belly, mackerel with goats curd and beetroot. I can only imagine what his restaurant’s food is like!
  • Head back to Pump Street Bakery for another doughnut. That’s how good it was!
  • Try some proper Ramen. Send me recommendations asap!
  • A foodie trip to Wales. I’ve been following Gourmet Gorro for a while and the restaurants he eats at make me jealous for two reasons. One, the food looks delicious. Two, the prices are insane compared to what I’m used to in London.
  • Try alllllll the burgers. Shake Shack, Bleecker Street and Patty & Bun are all vying for my next visit!
  • Eat pasta from a “bowl” of cheese. You can thank Rosie for that craving…
  • Tick off “London’s Most Instagrammable Desserts” – challenge accepted!
  • Visit Bao. It’s been on my list for so, so long and everything looks delicious!
  • Eat at The Fat Duck. Because it just sounds so amazing.
  • The new Copper & Ink (I’m anxiously awaiting their opening) also sounds right up my street. As does The Dairy in Clapham…

What foodie hotspots do you want to visit? What else should be on my list?

  • Ah man, if I started a bucketlist like this it would just never end! I could probably find hundreds of places I want to try in Devon and Cornwall alone. Very excitingly, I’m moving to London for a few months soon so I’m going to try and visit some of the places on this list, thanks for the tips 😀 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Jessi

    I concur fully with your list!

    I can’t help with much – as my list is very similar! – but I can help with ramen:
    Bone Daddies (on Peter Street) – the seafood kimchi is my favourite and the fried chicken side is a must (get a portion each and thank me later!)
    Shoryu Ramen (Soho) is another favourite
    Tonkotsu is great, too!

    I still haven’t been to Bao, or Duck and Waffle. Desperate to go to The Fat Duck, too, and The Hind’s Head… argh!

    P.S. I wanted to ask about School of Wok – have you done any of the classes yet? (other than doing the 1000 initiative with them) I don’t know which to start with…!

  • I so want to do the fat duck too!! I went to The Manor for my birthday which is the same team as the dairy and it was so good! And reasonably priced for a tasting menu! x

  • Alex L

    Eating pastas out of a bowl of cheese ?! This sounds incredible !