Maybe you’ve guessed from the title of this blog, but I am  one of those lucky UK university students paying £9,000 a year for my university tuition fees…

I’m now in my final year of my Actuarial Science degree and have learnt a lot along the way. Other than mathsy stuff, I’ve learnt how to shop and cook on a budget, how university life works, a lot about the workings of Friday and Sunday night trains (the joys of a long distance relationship), and generally how to “adult”.

I blog about anything and everything I love, be it food, beauty, or even the rare bit of travelling I get to do. If I love it, I blog it! Over the next few months I’ll also be introducing a spot of wedding planning to the blog too, after W (who you’ll meet around the blog!) proposed in December.

If you have any questions, wish to suggest a guest post (I’m always looking for student/ex-student bloggers to share their university experiences!), or want to collaborate then please email [email protected]


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  • Ahh Chloe… I’ve just found your blog and spent ages procrastinating in the library on it! I’m half way through my 3rd year of uni and I couldn’t love your blog enough. It isn’t half painful seeing that my 9,000 a year gets me 4 contact hours a week whilst my brother last year graduated on 3,000 a year for triple my hours. Ridiculous I know!

    Definitely one of my new favourite blogs 🙂

    Emily xx

    Auburn Antics

    • ninegrandstudent

      Whoops, sorry! I know, it is really painful. Luckily my university decided to only charge me £800 for this year out that I am taking! x

  • I clicked on your blog completely by accident after looking at some comments that had been left on a blog post and I discovered you are at the university of Kent too!! 🙂 I love the concept of your blog, just found it an amazing coincidence that I stumbled upon it! L x

    • ninegrandstudent

      Awh, thank you! What do you study? x

      • Im a first year in sociology however I did a year last year in anthropology. Didn’t like it so I switched! L x

  • keelyashton

    That is so awesome you are in school to become an Actuary! It’s such a hard degree but so very rewarding!! I love your blog! can’t wait to read more 🙂

    keely ashton

    • ninegrandstudent

      It is, though I love it and the job (I’m currently on placement). Thanks! x

  • Kay

    I love reading your blog, and I’m hoping to go to Kent! your photos are amazing…which camera do you use?

    • ninegrandstudent

      Kent is so lovely – which course? And thanks, I have used a Canon EOS M since August, I have a few different lens for it too. I’ll be doing a photography kit post soon! x

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  • Andrra

    Hello! I came across your blog and I really like it – I can relate to it as a student 🙂 I have a suggestion for you -> This link: http://www.neuvoo.co.uk. It is a very cool online job search engine and it recently reached over 2 million jobs in the UK! Having it on your blog will be very beneficial, especially for students who are looking for jobs!

  • Emma Mcilwain

    I’m so glad I found your blog, although I’m currently in second year in uni I live at home as my uni is a short journey away, I leave home for the first time in July to do a placement in Sussex and have only been to England once before (for the actual interview!). So I’m absolutely terrified and also have to leave my boyfriend, (Who coincidentally is English), your blog has been giving me ideas and comfort on how to manage everything and I wish you all the best with your engagement!

  • Varada Anirudhan

    Your blog is extremely wonderful! I am a grad student too, and know the good and not-so-good things of being one:) I’ve gone through most of your posts, and love each of them, truly well-written! One of the most striking things about your blog are its lovely photographs; which camera do you use? And I am guessing you take most of these photos using daylight, right?