The London Diaries: St Moritz, A Hidden Swiss Gem in Soho

I fell in love with all things Swiss three years ago, when my boyfriend’s parents so wonderfully treated us to a trip away following our A-Level exams. With W on his tenth holiday there I had a fab guide to introduce me to the country! We were based in Interlaken and visited so many places my head was spinning. The scenery was breathtaking, the people so friendly, and the train system so bloody efficient (take note Southern!).

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 12_zpsxj1zl5o7.jpgThe food was pretty good too. Memorable meals include schnitzel, veal sausage (alongside onion ‘sauce’ and rosti = heaven), both from mountain-top restaurants. And fondue, lots of fondue. When we found out about a tiny little Swiss restaurant in London we just had to visit. We first visited last summer, before I got my camera and before I started blogging about everything I do. This summer we decided to celebrate Swiss National Day in the best way possible – a duo of fondue. Try saying THAT ten times faster…

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 15_zpsevlcu7s6.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 14_zpshxt8v4lc.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 21_zpsifhxvg0l.jpgSo, Saturday 1st August saw us head off in the afternoon sun for a battle down Oxford Street (seriously, how does anyone shop there?!) before disappearing into the peace of St Moritz. The restaurant is old-fashioned, as Swiss as you can get in the middle of Soho, complete with Alpine Horn and Raclette station.

We went for a duo of fondue…

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 8_zpswdlh4any.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 9_zpsx3tcftet.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 10_zpsnrswt6rs.jpg photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 13_zpsldrnvumt.jpgFirst up, the Fondue Moitie-Moitie (or half-half). This is a mix of Gruyere and Vacherin, served with bread and new potatoes. Previously we had the Fondue Neuchateloise (gruyere and emmental, served with bread only) – and found that this time round the fondue was stronger, slightly more liquid, and the potatoes added a welcome change from bread. I’d highly recommend!

We ate all the potatoes and we halfway through the second basket of bread when we admitted defeat and began worrying about what all the cheese was doing to our insides.

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 20_zpswrwiyrmd.jpgA quick pause followed by an even quicker decision on pudding. Chocolate Fondue just had to happen, and this version didn’t disappoint. On that note, last time we had a Coupe Denmark which didn’t hit the spot – but we were definitely spoilt with these when we were in Switzerland!

 photo St Moritz Restaurant Review Soho 17_zpsm3esxrlw.jpg=St Moritz served their molten pot of chocolate with some sugared biscuits, a huge selection of fruits and some marshmallow. The chocolate is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, it’s obvious there’s good chocolate being used here! The biscuits offered some welcome crunch, the fruit was all fresh, and in all honesty it was just a delicious desert.

We left clutching our stomachs, both looking several months pregnant, and three days on I still wasn’t up to eating more cheese. It’s not a cheap place, we paid around £70, but St Moritz is a brilliantly quirky little spot, hidden away, quiet and the perfect stop for some comfort food.

Have you tried Swiss food? What is your favourite hidden foodie gem?

The London Diaries: Lunch at an Aerodrome

So yep, my second post of ‘The London Diaries’ and I’m already moving out of London! In my defence I wanted to share this a good few weeks ago, but just never got the chance. And anyway, it’s not too far out of London (hell, this is where I’m commuting to each day!), and I can already tell that if I lived in London long-term I’d definitely be heading out to the countryside every few weeks!

 photo Redhill Aerodrome 2_zpsdkeilyj4.jpgNow I sound like I’m moaning. I’m not, really I’m not. I’ve discovered I LOVE living in London, really quite like the hustle and bustle. I’ve almost forgiven my landlady for not installing double glazing in a flat overlooking a bus stop with 3 24-hour bus routes. My purse is hating that shops are open late enough to pop in after work. I can go out for dinner and eat anything I fancy. But sometimes you need to unwind and take things at a slower place. And this little lunch spot is absolutely perfect.

I lived in Redhill for just under a year and, despite being told a couple of times about this place, I visited the aerodrome on my last weekend. Confession time: I’m a transport geek. Boats, trains, classic cars, tractors, I’m not exactly a ‘spotter’ but they do all excite me a little. And planes top the list. Living under Gatwick’s flight path hasn’t dampened that down, so having lunch overlooking light aircraft whizzing around was right up my runway (gettit?!).

 photo Redhill Aerodrome 7_zps6lis1b5e.jpgThe Pilot’s Hub is a cutesy cafe with a large outdoor area, serving sandwiches and simple bar-type snacks (think burgers and chilli – you’ve got it!). It overlooks right onto the plane ‘carpark,’ with some about 100 yards away from the tables. The runway is the opposite side of the field, so it’s not hugely noisy, but it’s still perfectly possible to watch the planes go up and down.

 photo Redhill Aerodrome 3_zpsnthemoyc.jpg photo Redhill Aerodrome 4_zpsk4kwpgtr.jpg photo Redhill Aerodrome 1_zpsi1kgdree.jpgWe stuck to sandwiches, myself going for the Pastrami with mustard and pickles. Delicious, excellent quality bread though I would have liked an extra slice of meat. What was there was tasty and succulent though! W went for a home-roasted ham with apricot chutney – heavy on the meat it was throughout enjoyed.

We both opted for some Rose Lemonade. Light, sweet and floral without tasting like soap, this was lovely – and wonderfully instagrammable too!

 photo Redhill Aerodrome 5_zpsgupdy5pw.jpg photo Redhill Aerodrome 6_zpsbub9o8ve.jpg photo Redhill Aerodrome 8_zps72efth3t.jpgWe sat in the sun and watched planes (it was a lot busier than I imagined), and I looked into flying lessons. One day perhaps! The Air Ambulance was scrambled which caused excitement (and the loss of some crisps at a neighbouring table from the wind!). Tempted by the cakes but knowing we had plenty to do meant we didn’t indulge – maybe next time!

A truly unique lunch venue, and one which I loved. One which I definitely think is worth a visit, and with trains taking less than an hour from central London it’s certainly a viable option. I only wish I’d visited sooner!

Where is the most unique place you’ve ever eaten?

The London Diaries: Five Guys, Islington

I mentioned a while back about a craving for a ‘filthy’ burger – not cooked pink, plenty of grease, covered in plastic cheese. I’ve also probably mentioned I’ve been desperate to try Five Guys since forever.

 photo Five Guys 4_zpsrxrt7zxh.jpgAs desperate as I was, there was no way in hell I was queuing as I’d seen people queue at their branch near Leicester Square. Then the New Designers exhibition called W’s name, and with Five Guys’ Islington branch being practically next door it would have been rude not to, right? So the two of us rolled up hoping for a bit of junk food heaven.

After staring a bit confusedly as the menu, a rather helpful server told us ‘little’ burgers are single, standard are double. Guys, this is probably the first time I’ve ever heard W order a ‘little’ something! We both went for a Bacon Cheeseburger, W adding a slice of tomato, myself adding mustard (I <3 mustard!), sharing a portion of ‘small’ fries (not the spicy ones). Two drinks saw us at just under the £20.

 photo Five Guys 1_zpsygwlhhgf.jpgIt was then time to navigate the drinks machine. All I can say here is that Five Guys have made a diabetic boy very happy – we’ve been unable to find Diet/Zero Vanilla Coke here so he promptly filled up on that. I went down the route of half-filling in the attempt to try as much as possible. Still Peach Fanta is deliciously refreshing, but I LOVED the Grape Sprite. Yum.

I watched our burgers being made, the system at Five Guys is definitely efficient especially in such a small space. What was slightly disappointing was out burgers were made up and wrapped, then there was a five minute wait for the fries to be added – this did make for every so slightly soggy buns, and my cheese was a little colder than I would have liked…

However overall the burgers were pretty delicious.

 photo Five Guys 3_zpsioesmnfg.jpg photo Five Guys 7_zpsmo7qsepk.jpg photo Five Guys 8_zpsthpxwpqp.jpg photo Five Guys 9_zpslkyl44g0.jpgThe patty was thin and well-done, but juicy and extremely flavoursome. It LOOKS a little like something you’d find in McDonalds but tastes infinitely better. The cheese…well it’s not exactly good quality cheese, but it is yummy and adds the stickiness, creamy, slightly cheesy badness a burger like this needs. The bacon was perhaps a bit of a let down – mine was slightly burnt and some areas tasted a little over smokey – but I’ll forgive that. The mustard was definitely a welcome addition, adding a kick and slight sweetness. I only wish I’d added some onion too – maybe next time I’ll go mad with the toppings.

 photo Five Guys 5_zpsg1bphu1z.jpgFries were good. It made a welcome change to actually taste potato in fries. The Five Guys Style ones are very simple, though we felt a little more salt was necessary, but they were well cooked with fluffy insides, and crispy bits dotted about. The portion size was also extremely generous. At first W looked a little forlorn at the small pot on the table, until we opened the bag and found another pot’s worth in the bottom. A small was definitely big enough to share for lunch, along with some free peanuts!

 photo Five Guys 11_zps2jfg9kts.jpg photo Five Guys 12_zpstqnqjfvq.jpgYep, free peanuts are in massive sacks everywhere. Definitely not a place for someone with a nut allergy!

So, the conclusion of my review of Five Guys? It’s a simple restaurant – just burgers and fries, but what they do, they do well. It’s not a gourmet burger, it’s fast food, and as such it is a little overpriced for what it is. I wouldn’t hurry to go back (mainly due to the price point – I could have a Byron or Wahaca for roughly the same cost!), but I would heard here over a McDonalds when a craving hits. Either me for a burger, or W for some vanilla coke…

Have you been to Five Guys? What did you think of it? Can you recommend me any burger places to visit – I’m feeling a summer burger challenge!

Review: The Perfect Sandwich @ Pane & Vino, Rome

Seriously, the BEST sandwich I’ve ever eaten!

I stumbled across this place on Trip Advisor in advance of our holiday, but swiftly forgot about it until the receptionist recommended it. A two minute walk away, rumbling bellies and tired feet made this perfect.

 photo Pane amp Vino 1_zpscnrzwfax.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 4_zpst4inyj2s.jpgFabio was the perfect host, recommending places to go and things to see (indeed he was the person telling us to look through the keyhole!). Nothing seemed too much trouble, and he clearly loved his job. He told us all about the ingredients, talked us through the combinations, told us how fresh everything was, told us his favourites.

The first day we both went for the first option on the menu, a ciabatta filled with prosciutto, mozzarella, and rocket, finished with a drizzle of olive oil.

 photo Pane amp Vino 8_zpskndgxra6.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 5_zpsjsq8p4di.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 2_zpsht0zmrlp.jpgThe mozzarella was fresh that day, oh so creamy, and a little rnny like the ever-trendy burrata. The prosciutto sliced in front of us. Melting soft, full of flavour, good fat marbling and plenty of it. The rocket was obviously fresh and added a good pepperiness, the olive oil adding a bit of lubrication. It was a whopper of a sandwich, and utterly delicious. If only all sandwiches were like this!

We tried to replicate it whilst in Venice, buying the ingredients (minus rocket and oil) for lunches and did a pretty good job, but I’ve not had a sandwich as satisfying since.

 photo PaneampVino2_zps7drvrugt.jpgOn our last morning in Rome we decided to grab a sandwich between us, to take on the train. We went with Fabio’s favourite, a combination of speck ham, truffled cheese and more rocket. Definitely an easier sandwich to eat, especially if taking away – and although not quite as good as the first I certainly enjoyed it. Again the meat was sliced in front of us, amazingly fresh and clean flavoured. The cheese was also sliced in front of us, and was creamy, strongly cheesy and lightly truffle-y. I’m not usually a fan of cheese (other than mozzarella) with bread but this was delicious!

 photo Pane amp Vino 11_zpstlonhtlh.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 9_zpswhrlozid.jpg photo Pane amp Vino 3_zpsizdw64wn.jpgAt €6 for a sandwich (some hot options are a little more), this place is a hidden gem. A stone’s throw away from the Colosseum it’s a calm oasis away from tourists providing damn good food and cheap wine (which smelt great, though we didn’t sample).

My only regret is that I doubt we will return to Rome, as I’m desperate for a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich!

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Review: Imli Street, Soho

After a long day at the zoo, myself and office team were booked in to Imli Street for an Indian feast. We were initially unimpressed by the set menu but fears were unfounded as they served dishes of everything up.

Imli Street Restaurant Review4 photo 0c2c2808-d19d-4811-b1ec-1aab52c06ec0_zps6fzrfyiq.jpgI was fine to eat all starters offered on the set menu, apparently. I’d argue the suitability of the samosa as I did have a mild reaction. However the lack of severity leads me to believe it could have just been a contamination issue in the fryer – still not great, I wouldn’t eat here without making sure I had plenty of allergy meds on me! The samosa was in a heavy pastry, filled with a vegetable filling. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pastry, but loved the yoghurt, mint sauce and tamarind jus it was served with. The second starter was delicious – chicken thighs marinated in a spicy green tikka-style sauce. Spicy, flavourful and so very tender.

When the set menu had initially been emailed over it was clear it was very tomato-based, but a quick call and I was assured I would be catered for off menu – very exciting! When all the mains were brought out I was told “don’t eat this”.The rest of my team dined on Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala, dhal and a paneer dish, along with the standard rice and naan. I was presented with an extreme amount of food…

Imli Street Restaurant Review3 photo cfcfb507-31df-4f94-8a37-279c0d391fcb_zpsduezg9iw.jpgFirst up was a fillet of sea bass, resting on a spiced potato cake. I love the fish, it was cooked to perfection with some mild spicing. Whilst I like the potato cake, I felt the chunks of fresh chilli added a raw hotness that wasn’t pleasant – it was a little too bold tasting in an otherwise delicate dish.

Imli Street Restaurant Review1 photo 762dcfbc-7449-4b49-9082-3c38673a8005_zpsjut49er5.jpgMy curried dish was a chicken saag. Quite possibly the greenest curry I’ve ever seen, I was worried this would taste predominately of spinach – I’ve not had a decent saag since developing my tomato allergy! Fears were again unfounded as somehow they’d managed to create a sauce of blended spices and spinach. Perfectly balanced, creamy in texture and not at all heavy. It’s a shame this is off menu as it was a stunning dish, and would definitely make a far more interesting addition to a menu as opposed to a standard spinach curry!

Imli Street Restaurant Review2 photo 815b3955-5647-460b-91e3-679d9f71f271_zpsm73nbiac.jpgI was also served with my own rice, a tomato-free dhal (unfortunately a little watery), and some potatoes. These were delicious – wonderfully flavoured, non-greasy, astoundingly savoury. I wanted to ask to take these home as I’d imagine they’d be perfect in a cold potato salad! Unfortunately most of the naan bread was placed down the opposite end of the table. I tried a bit of the peshwari naan, but I’m not a fan of the flavour at all – though the texture of the naan was impressive.

Desert was a rice pudding – an odd mushy and gritty texture, far too sweet. I wasn’t a fan! But all in all, a good Indian. I loved the atmosphere (unfinished walls, as is the trend these days). The cocktail menu looked amazing, though I plumped for wine and a refreshing iced tea muddle of lemongrass and pomegranate. The food was a mixed bag, though admittedly I was off menu. A little pricey, though for the area probably on par. The grill chef can clearly cook things perfectly, and the spicing was on the whole spot on – I’d definitely return if I could find more options to eat!

Are you a fan of Indian food? What’s your favourite curry?

Lifestyle: Afternoon Tea in Brighton

Living a short train journey from Brighton has major advantages – the biggest being plenty of girly days out with one of my closest friends.  A few weeks ago we decided to visit the Blackbird Tea Rooms for a spot of afternoon tea.

Blackbird Tearooms9 photo 2015-05-03 12.35.08_zpsmnhvjbuj.jpgBlackbird Tearooms6 photo 2015-05-03 12.35.57_zpsodmnbhbs.jpgDefinitely not a bad decision, it was such a lovely afternoon of catching up, excellent tea and yummy food. The cakes in particular were so different to other afternoon teas, it made a lovely change.

Blackbird Tearooms5 photo 2015-05-03 12.36.09_zpsirfzbym6.jpgBlackbird Tearooms4 photo 2015-05-03 12.36.16_zps1bavrdur.jpgThe food wasn’t perfect. I’d question the freshness of the salmon (it was a little grey looking, with a fishiness not usually there in smoked salmon), and some of the cakes tasted of sugar and not much else.

Blackbird Tearooms10 photo 2015-05-03 12.32.49_zpsldscwku6.jpgBlackbird Tearooms1 photo 2015-05-03 12.30.52-1_zpsebcigboi.jpgThe scones were superb, with the jam being some of the best I’ve had.

Blackbird Tearooms11 photo 2015-05-03 12.32.13_zpsfw0xpwpr.jpgBonus points for the tea, which was loose leafed. I found it refreshing, perfectly stewed and pretty spot on – when I remembered to use the strainer of course! Service was pretty awesome too, and other food around looked fab. I was very jealous of the poached eggs I spied at a neighboring table!

Blackbird Tearooms2 photo 2015-05-03 14.07.52_zpsmh8eeto4.jpgBlackbird Tearooms3 photo 2015-05-03 14.07.46_zpsblstynzf.jpgThe actual tea rooms were stunning. Properly ’40-’50s style, not ‘fashionable vintage style’ as is so overdone. The garden area was so charming, whilst not warm enough to sit out we visited them on the hunt for the (outside) toilet.

Blackbird Tearooms8 photo 2015-05-03 12.35.18_zpskoexg2pm.jpgI’d definitely visit these tea rooms again, though probably just for a snack and cake – I do love afternoon tea but found this a little heavy on the sugar for my liking.

Have you ever had afternoon tea? Any Brighton recommendations? 

Lifestyle: A Swedish Supper @ The Stockholm Restaurant & Deli, Mortlake

A day in London with W isn’t the same without discovering some new little place to eat (and a trip to Wahaca of course!). A few weeks ago we were wandering around Mortlake and stumbled across this hidden gem. Stockholm Restaurant & Deli was the perfect way to spend a leisurely lunch. Quiet and relaxed, small and intimate, it served the most delicious food.

 photo IMG_0811_zpsmfbncz9z.jpgIncluded was a free salad bar. Far fresher than the horrors offered by the Harvester, this was just three choices alongside some rye bread, butter and crackers. A sweetcorn salsa, a cabbage slaw-type mix, and some form of tomato mix. No soggy leaves, no gloopy dressing, it was all zingy, fresh and filled a hole as our mains were cooked from scratch. The rye bread in particular was stunning, I could’ve eaten a plate of it.

 photo IMG_0805_zpslktjgpv1.jpg photo IMG_0806_zpscjmlx1ez.jpgW went with the classic Swedish Meatballs for his lunch (see my recipe). Served with mash and jam, it was utter perfection. There’s something so lovely about Swedish Meatballs, I adore them. These were juicy, with the sauce being rich and impossibly full-flavoured. The mash was the best I’ve tasted (sorry mum!)

 photo IMG_0804_zpsh4qs54pe.jpgI went more unusual, and ordered the Prinskorv – a type of Swedish sausage which came with a potato salad and beetroot. Utter heaven, and writing this is making me crave it. I’ve never had a sausage like it. Crisp on the outside (I watched them set fire to it in the kitchens – deliberate or not it was a good move!), with a coarse texture within, it was salty, tasting slightly spicy and cured. The potato salad was warm and rich, with a herby kick. The picked beetroot was ten times better than the jarred stuff – and I love that so this was right up my street.

 photo IMG_0810_zpso7ojry8i.jpgAlmost too full for pudding, we split a Cinnamon Bun instead. Sticky, sugary, spicy – I’d travel out to Mortlake just to pick up one of these.

It’s a bit out of the way, but I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Stockholm again. Their specials menu was ridiculous good value for money at £7.50 for a main course (my meal was off this menu), but even the full menu was pretty cheap for the quality. A different cuisine, different flavours, well worth the visit.

Have your tried Swedish food before?

Food: Bella Italia’s Bargain Secret Menu

An evening out involving delicious food and handsome date? Who was I to say no…? Bella Italia recently invited me and W to try out their new Student menu and we jumped at the chance.
Bella Italia is a family favourite as it has enough choice for everyone. Out of my parents and my sister, one is allergic to citrus, one to tomatoes (shifty eyes…), and one doesn’t eat cheese. It can cause problems when eating out! We all have a great choice at Bella Italia so it’s our go-to for a family meal, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s great value too. And with this menu it’s even better…

 photo c8eedda7-fb49-42b7-8939-fdd3806e549f_zpsxnymooya.jpgFor just £5 with a valid NUS card students have a pretty huge menu to choose from. It’s shorter and more basic that the regular menu, but FIVE pounds?! A KFC can cost more than that…
I was also pretty impressed that there was a good choice of non-tomato options. I was expecting to be lumped with carbonara (no complaints!) but even I had options. Including two pizzas. Most places can’t manage a tomato-free pizza when charging £10+ but here it is possible. Impressed to say the least!

 photo a185efe9-1d06-4a35-ba09-2e854a4f8470_zpsb6dxusdd.jpg photo c9093e59-feaa-4f4d-a344-5204ca29a2df_zpsmfoalyb8.jpgIn the end I did go with carbonara, and very nice it was too. Especially after my customary heaping of parmesan and black pepper. A massive plateful, creamy sauce, and beautifully cooked pasta.

 photo 30cb34fa-d3ca-4194-961f-6b46fb916e1c_zpspsf9jo8b.jpgW made his own pizza, adding ham and chicken. It was “mightily delicious” – he really enjoyed it. For £5 our mains were excellent value, cheaper than some ready meals and a darn sight nicer. They certainly didn’t skimp on the amount of meat on his pizza, or the portion size of my dish!

 photo 72145b0c-6fa0-49ae-b5dc-5d10b2ee1de0_zpsv0elu5xq.jpgI accompanied my meal with a Bella Fresca – a combination of peach puree, rum and some other alcohol. I found it sweet, fruit, refreshing and with a great kick. Whilst it was pricey at just short of £6, most cocktails at Bella Italia are 2-for1 with the student menu which makes them slightly more affordable.

 photo 477cc375-f2cc-4793-b3ba-8431c920dc0b_zpsveqqh94e.jpg photo c6293a79-3e9e-4302-abc6-582172ac7451_zpshfrbn0tw.jpg photo d91213cf-09cf-4e4e-ac0b-366e50113bef_zps7kx15zjp.jpgWe were pretty full after our mains (not bad for £5) but shared  three desert shots. Banoffee Pie wasn’t great, rather artificial tasting and a bit gloopy. Panna Cotta was the best, tart cherries, sweet syrup, creamy base. The Amaretto Chocolate was good, but scarily rich and a little too cold.

 photo c1ddfd40-b47a-4609-9420-99430d20aebb_zps08o8ybn6.jpgService was excellent, friendly, smiley, without being awkward or over-the-top. I’d perhaps suggest they don’t flash the lights on and off with a Happy Birthday (I’m badly affected with dizziness when there are flashing lights), but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. After this carb-fest then a weekend away I definitely need to get back to my healthy-eating!

Have you ever been to Bella Italia? What did you think? What’s your favourite Italian restaurant?

Restaurant Review: Tomato-Free Pizza @ Pizza Pilgrims

I’ve slowly come to terms with my allergy, and I’m pretty much okay with it all now. Sure, there are evenings where I wish I could dial Dominoes, and I still crave a BBQ sauce (that’s this summer’s challenge!). I’ve gotten used to what I can and can’t eat and have my go-to alternatives. What I really, really hate is having to let restaurants know, having to dissect the menu before I eat out to find out if there’s actually anything suitable – because even the tiniest amount hidden in a sauce can affect me.

 photo 572f2043-ed51-49d6-83ab-f13920999b91_zpsopxtpfyw.jpgI got really excited when Pizza Express launched two white pizzas last season. Only to realise their bechamel sauce contains tomato powder. I think one of them is still suitable, but still. Then I saw a few instagram shots featuring Pizza Pilgrims, noticed a few white pizzas floating about, and promptly told W that we were off for a date-lunch…

 photo 0db576aa-ae9d-4e9d-b20d-bd91b25bf3a6_zpsex0yzs68.jpg photo 2ab553f3-a794-4011-8cf4-367d40046bbc_zpsmvqakaqd.jpgI ordered the Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Oil, and it was immense. Juicy, but still nutty with a good bite, mushrooms where fresh and full of flavour, and the truffle oil added something extra which elevated the pizza from a standard pizza to a delicious treat. The cheese was gooey, the base fluffy, light and well-flavoured. I’d have preferred a slightly thicker and more robust base as I like to be ladylike and shove a pizza wedge into my mouth with my hands, but that’s just me…As far as tomato-free pizzas go, I think Pizza Pilgrims have it down.

 photo 0c365d70-cf39-4235-b9e8-efc7bad6bd20_zpsxstursud.jpgW went for tomato-overload with the Nduja, which he seemed to enjoy. I was just a hugely happy girl that my pizza craving had been sorted – with several branches across London, I know I’ll definitely be hitting Pizza Pilgrims again for a tomato-free pizza hit! We paid for our own meal, and Pizza Pilgrims didn’t know I was planning to review…though the camera may have given it away…

Where’s the best pizza you’ve eaten? I suppose I’d better learn to say ‘allergic to tomatoes’ in Italian ready for my holiday!

Lifestyle: Taco Tuesdays (on a Saturday…)

A trip into London can only mean one thing for me and W – time to gorge ourselves at Wahaca. I’ve reviewed it a while back, but I managed to get some pretty good photos this time round. I’ve also found my favourite restaurant – I love the Charlotte Street branch as it’s so light and airy, and the staff seem like they genuinely love their job. The Covent Garden one just seems a bit dark now, and the last time I went the food was a bit heavy and the service rushed. Charlotte Street definitely offers a buzz, but friendly and relaxing service too. AND the best cocktails. Just be sure not to sit under the plants or you may get wet…

 photo c79efcaf-dfe7-4ea6-83be-031f9c95217f_zpswhfmsoqr.jpg photo f25f167a-1d3b-4ac7-bd67-833fc44f48b1_zpsptvnaqen.jpgI couldn’t resist my favourites, Frijoles with Tortilla Chips. I could live off Frijoles, they are amazing. Thick, creamy, full of flavour, tangy cheese, sharp crema. I’ll take a fork to the pot when the chips run out.

 photo b66458f9-d74a-4ce0-b8b9-9bbac06532da_zps3lioogaj.jpgAnother must-order is the Pork Pilbil tacos. I still can’t believe the spicy, juicy pork is tomato free. Topped with spicy pickled onions, and spread with some frijoles, these are heavy in a few (messy) bites.

 photo 9783de3d-592b-4d3a-9b70-592d580bf5ce_zpscymgyofa.jpg photo f9006f6c-79fe-4868-b2ae-6dc1414085da_zpsv6fkssqm.jpgI’ve also fallen quite hard for the new Chicken Pipian tacos. Made with a tomatillo sauce, these are completely different from anything on the menu. They are quite subtle, and I do feel like they need a good squeeze of lime juice, but they are so delicious. Soft chicken, a mild nutty sauce and some crunchy cabbage – they are refreshing in-between spicier dishes.

I stuck to just these tacos this time (W went for a burrito, leaving me to try and not order alllll the street food) as I wanted churros (picture above taken from Wahaca’s site). Word of advice, ask for caramel rather than chocolate sauce. It’s so much better.

I adore Mexican food, it’s just perfect for my need for spiciness, finger food and different textures. Have you been to Wahaca before?