Upcoming Posts: Sparse and Sporadic or Regular and Ramble-y

This is just a quick heads-up posts warning my lovely readers that posts over the next few weeks may be a little, well, odd. Having suffered from regular health problems for many years, I finally have a date to go under the knife (well, laser) for an operation. Next Wednesday I will be a day patient at William Harvey hospital in Ashford, ready to have my deformed nose straightened and everything flushed out. There’s names for this in medical terms, but they’re far too long and scary!

At the moment, other than being drugged up to the eyeballs with pre-meds (seriously, side affects of insomnia and tiredness – how?!), I’m more than a little nervous, but also excited to potentially have an answer to the problems that have been increasingly debilitating over the last few months.

I aim to have at least one post completed before my operation – a review of the A5 Original Filofax kindly sent to me to review by the Ideas Network. I also have a list of new posts I wish to do over the next few months, though it obviously is dependent on a lot of factors as to whether they get done.

So, that’s your warning, although I hope that it will all go okay and I’ll be posting as normal. Just maybe a little confused, so ignore silly typos and spelling that’s more appalling that usual!