The Long Road To Recovery

Hello again! I did warn you here that posts were going to become potentially a little sparse, but I didn’t really anticipate quite how sparse. The recovery from my operation has taken a lot longer than I anticipated (and indeed it is still continuing) and to be honest I haven’t felt up to switching my laptop on, yet alone being able to actually type something reasonably coherent.

All in all, my operation was deemed to be successful, but it wasn’t as straightforward as expected. I ended up with more invasive bone restructuring, resulting in external swelling and bruising, reacted badly to the anesthetic, resulting in an overnight hospital stay, and then have suffered with pain and a slight infection within the stitches. So not a pleasant week really…especially considering my grandmother decided to attempt to paddle in a rock pool, slipped and broke both wrists. It ended up being like an episode of Casualty in my house as my parents took up the task of nursing us both. Bless them.


Anyway, I have some exciting news. I have been asked to write a series of guest posts for Kent University’s Employability blog, the first of which will be posted there at the end of next month (and reblogged here a few weeks later). These posts will detail my journey into applying for an Actuarial placement year, which I will hopefully obtain and begin next summer. The first in the series will focus on CV writing, so keep an eye out if this is something you need a hand with!

I’m also planning and drafting a lot of other posts at the minute too. I aim to do multiple posts on learning to cook, and on thrifty recipes (for instance, how to stretch a standard pack of beef mince into at least six meals). And of course, all of these will be specifically tomato-free – I’m excited to announce that I have now perfect tomato-free chilli, tomato-free bolognese and even a decent tomato-free pizza. There will also be more guides on shopping for starting university, especially as I know how I struggled with that next year (for now see this post) and a few generic posts. I have a lot of ideas for this blog! But for now I’ve exhausted myself simply typing this, so I think it is nap-time for me!