What’s Cooking Wednesday (#3)

This post is going to be quite short and unplanned, simply because this week’s meals are, well, unplanned. I have a vague idea of the next few days, but other than that I have no clue! My boyfriend is here until Sunday so some of these meals are a little ‘extravagant’ for my usual tastes, but for a treat a couple of times a term I quite like it!

Wednesday – Full English Carbonara

Ignoring the lack of photograph (carbonara is horrible to photograph steps of, and even more so the finished article!), this was a very yummy dinner. I make my carbonara pretty simply – just egg, pepper and cheese. Fry off the bacon and/or sausage meatballs, add the cooked pasta to the frying pan, take off the heat, and add the egg mixture, keep moving until it has thickened and then serve immediately. Yum yum!

Thursday – Chicken & Ham Mushroom Pie

2013-11-14 19.05.47

One of my favourite things about this university year has been discovering the butchers near to my second-year house. Their meat is very good quality, the service is wonderful, and their pies are amazingly yummy. I especially love their Chicken & Ham one (when I don’t burn it…) and that’s what I asked for yesterday. When cooked it turned out to be with mushroom and lacking ham, but it was still very good, and W (my boyfriend if you hadn’t guessed!) even ate his mushrooms!

Friday – Toad in the Hole

2013-11-15 19.12.22

Gross photo right? Yep, this meal was a complete and utter fail – that will teach me for trying to follow a different recipe to the one that always works. I will be blogging about my latest cooking fails soon! But for now, see here for a Toad in the Hole recipe that actually works.

Saturday – Stuffed Peppers, Pork Belly AND Chocolate Fondant Puddings

My boyfriend and I, and another lovely couple, decided to have a joint dinner date. They provided the starter (no pictures unfortunately) of stuffed peppers, with chicken – which was lovely, spicy and light. Then my boyfriend took over the cooking (with me on washing up duty). For mains he cooked pork belly (a two day cooking process), potato fondants, apple sauce, apple crisps, savoy cabbage and a cider jus. Unfortunately lacking n cracking, but bloomin’ lovely all the same. It was presented much better, but I started eating before photographing so did a quick re-arrange to hide the missing bits!

2013-11-16 19.34.45

He then finished off the meal with his ‘signature dish’ of chocolate fondants. I think this next picture saying it all…

2013-11-16 20.39.39

Sunday – House Dinner

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a tradition in my new student house, and I’m really loving it! This week T cooked chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and peppers, wrapped in parma ham, served with roast potatoes. I sauteed some spinach in garlic, chilli and lemon to have with mine.

2013-11-17 19.35.40

Monday – Meatball Pasta Bake & Salad

I really enjoyed this quick and easy dinner – meatballs (Aldi – split into 1/3 of the original size for ease of cooking) fried til cooked with some mushrooms, mixed with Waitrose Red Pepper & Almond pesto, stirred into pasta, topped with cheese and grilled until melted and gooey. Served with a big salad it felt healthy but filling too.

2013-11-18 19.32.28

Tuesday – Chilli (from Freezer), Rice, Tortilla Chips

No picture tonight, as it was a quick reheated freezer meal as we were off out to do our Aldi shop. I really am enjoying add more beans to my chilli’s though, and am looking forward to making a completely vegetarian version soon!

And that round off my meals for the week! Have you tried anything new and interesting lately?