12 Days of Christmas (#4): A Festive Student House

One of the best things about living in a rented off-campus house with friends is that we are able to get really festive and excited for Christmas. Sure some of you get that in halls, but to be honest I had a horrendous experience of that – the tinsel put up was deliberately done at a height to strangle a fellow housemate when she entered the bathroom. I’m pretty sure that sums up my experience! Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed living with friends, and we’ve gone to town on (very tasteful) decorating. We bought a lovely cheap tree from Argos (back at the beginning of October – I promptly confiscated it and banished it to the deep dark depths of the boiler cupboard in my room) along with lights, parents donated unused decorations, and we topped them up with bits and pieces from Poundland (I am seriously impressed with their Christmas range!). We even have table runners and festive looking blankets!

2013-12-11 08.55.25

2013-12-11 08.54.04Now, we all know I’m not a great photographer (namely because of my laziness at moving mess out of shot, and relying on a camera phone) but if you head over to my housemate Libby’s blog you will find a similar post, with amazing pictures of our decorations. One day my pictures will be as good, but relying on a smartphone and being lazy is not a good combination!

We did really well in getting so many decorations off (mainly Libby’s) mum, however I’ve come up with a fabulous idea to make sure my future children are never without Christmas decorations when they fly my nest. Every year I will add a different decoration to their stocking, and store them up. I think this is a great idea for a tradition, and one of many I wish to start. Oh, I love Christmas!


How do you decorate on a budget?