12 Days of Christmas (#9): Home for Christmas

This is my favourite part of the year – the build up to Christmas, cold wintery walks, warm fires, hot chocolates, and cosy catch-ups with everyone you’ve missed. I came home on Thursday (a little before the end of term, but it was the little sister’s birthday, and I had completed everything well before deadlines!) and have so far enjoyed doing absolutely nothing but relaxing. And maybe a little celebrating…the reason for which you’ll hear about soon!

I was planning a slightly more exciting post, but instead I’m just got to offer you pictures of my mum’s decorating skills – this year we have a mainly teal-and-gold theme in the living room, and due to a new table we’re lacking the usual dining room tree (generally we have a white tree in there, with pink and gold decorations). I’ve not managed to add a Christmassy touch to my room yet, but I’ll certainly share when I do!

2013-12-21 17.45.27I love Christmas decorations, leaving home one of the things that hit me hardest was I’d have to start at the beginning when decorating my tree! With that in mind, me and my boyfriend had a talk, and decided (i.e. I told him my decision) to get our future children a decoration each in their stocking every year, so when they leave home they’ll always have some. Kind of the opposite of my family tradition – I always went with my grandparents to buy my mum a decoration every December.

2013-12-21 17.45.43Afraid our tree is massive (we’ve had it forever, I think it was a January bargain back when I was a little girl) so I haven’t managed to photograph it all. The ones above will have to be enough!

2013-12-21 17.47.06Halloween isn’t the only time for cute tea-light holders! Here’s a cheeky glimpse of me and the sister too…

2013-12-21 17.46.37We’ve not had a ‘proper’ advent calendar for as long as I can remember, instead my parents fill a wooden one with chocolatey goodies and tiny treats. As both mine and my sister’s birthdays fall in December, that drawer always includes a cheeky £2 coin too!

2013-12-21 17.49.50But one of the best things about coming home? It’s coming home to this snuggly boy…he pretends not to like the camera, but he’s a limelight (and sofa)  hogger really!


What’s your family’s favourite Christmas tradition?