Review: Lymehouse Jewellery Button Earrings*

LymehouseButtonEarrings3 photo 2014-03-30164741_zps644ac150.jpgA few weeks ago I came into contact with the lovely Jo from Lymehouse Jewellery over Twitter, then last week a lovely parcel dropped through my letterbox.

LymehouseButtonEarrings5 photo 2014-03-30164643_zpsec44443e.jpgI’d fallen in love with the style of the jewellery, despite it not being my usual thing (I’m not a jewellery person – I have some sentimental pieces that I wear often, and I rarely wear earrings at all!), so I jumped at the chance to review a few little pieces. I was especially glad because of the low price point – they are all around the £4 mark, so perfect for a little thank-you gift, stocking filler, or just because. I was however a little worried that the button earrings would be big, chunky, and not very feminine…

LymehouseButtonEarrings1 photo 2014-03-30164804_zpsc5daf75f.jpgWell I am pleased to say I was wrong! Whilst the smaller, plainer pain aren’t really my style at all, I really do love the floral pattern. They are also surprisingly comfortable to wear once I got over the shock of having to re-pierce my ears!

LymehouseButtonEarrings2 photo 2014-03-30164746_zpsaef41ff5.jpg I think these look really feminine, and surprisingly delicate – they are great for summer, and are perfect for going on holiday when you don’t want to risk losing a more expensive pair!

LymehouseButtonEarrings4 photo 2014-03-30164655_zps416bef83.jpgI would highly recommend Lymehouse Jewellery too – they arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. I’d definitely be happy to receive these as a gift…in fact I’m highly tempted by the Sleek Gold versions available at the minute! It made a lovely and refreshing change to switch up my tastes in jewellery, and I definitely will be getting lots of wear out of these earrings, so thank-you Jo!

What type of jewellery do you like to wear? What do you think of button earrings?