Friday Favourites: Lifestyle Blogs

 photo Blogs_zps57407db5.jpgWhilst I’m busy revising for my second-year exams I thought I’d schedule a couple of these posts to spread some blogger love, and also to give myself a little bit of a break from making fresh content! Don’t panic though – my exam term is only lasting for three weeks, and then I have a whole two months of being a full-time blogger. I’m also hoping to really make some progress with my blog over the next 18 months as I shouldn’t have too much evening/weekend work to do over my placement year! For now though, onto my favourite lifestyle blogs!

Lifestyle blogs are probably my all-time favourite type of blogs – they are the type whose posts I save up and then devour cuddled up in PJs with a hot chocolate! A lot of these blogs provide my ultimate inspiration too; they are really what I aspire this blog to be! So here we go…

 photo CiderWithRosie_zps4f1049e2.pngFirst up is Cider with Rosie. And let me just tell you, I love this girl’s writing style. I read every single post, and I actually let out an audible squeal (in the silent section of the library!) when I read about her engagement. The story of the proposal came later, and I have to admit that it had me giggling and weeping simultaneously. If that doesn’t sum up how wonderful this blog is, I don’t know what will, so get yourself over there!

And on an additional note, I’ll definitely be using her Edinburgh tales when I head up there with my boyfriend in June – she has good taste in Fudge as I spent hours in that very shop last August!

 photo TheLondoner_zps266079ad.pngNext up is probably one you could have guessed would feature – good old The Londoner! Her Banana & Nutella muffins inspired one of my favourite bakes, and her Mac’n’Cheese Fondue inspired the most popular recipe on this blog. In fact I use her recipes a lot, so maybe she should be in the ‘Food’ post of this series, but really I love all her posts and she fits so much better in here. Plus she has the most gorgeous dog, Custard, who almost rivals my dogs cuteness!

 photo ARosieOutlook_zps7bb25db7.pngThere must be a ‘Rosie’ theme going on here, because my next favourite blog is A Rosie Outlook! I absolutely love the design of this blog, and reading it feels like chatting to an old friend. I especially love the quote that I managed to capture in my screen shot! I just find this blog so motivational really, its the kind of thing I read when I want cheering up!

 photo MilkBubbleTea_zpsaf2fd45a.pngA blog not continuing the Rosie theme, but continuing another theme (seriously – if anyone guesses the common theme between all this blogs, I’d be tempted to send out a prize – I’ll update with answer in a week!) is Milk Bubble Tea. This could be a in a Beauty Blog post, but I just love all of the posts she writes! The photography on this blog is some of my favourite around as the photos aren’t too plain, aren’t too ‘blurred background’ and they all look so natural but perfect at the same time. Just lovely!

As you all may know the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards are now open, so I’ve been having fun nominating people in various different categories. Unfortunately I can’t nominate everyone, and I also don’t want to totally reveal who I’m voting for (I kinda feel that makes it seem as though I’m asking for a nomination back!) but what I will say is that I have nominated one of the blogs mentioned on each post in this series – fingers crossed that all my favourites get a mention though!

Oh, and a major thanks to Lily Melrose for inspiring these posts – I loved what she said on Wednesday, so do give this post a read!

What are your favourite lifestyle blogs?