Recipe: Steak in a Mushroom & Brandy Sauce

 photo 2014-05-02200146_zps460760ac.jpgBit of a quick recipe here for you, as I was never planning on posting it. But then it looked really photogenic on the plate, and it was a really yummy dinner, so I decided to go with it!

I love a good steak, but so often they aren’t that great. It needs to be tender, no chewy bits, and perfectly cooked and rested. There’s no point cooking a steak to perfection and then not resting it! I’ve pretty much given up ordering it when I’m out, as I always end up a little disappointed, and I do think its overpriced on menus, but I’m partial to a bit of homecooked steak. Or at least, I am during the holidays when someone else is paying for the food shopping…

This is my family’s go-to recipe when it comes to steak, quick and simple, and we usually have everything in the fridge. The sauce is a dream, and I really should make it more often as it goes perfectly with chicken!

Ingredients (for one)

– Steak, whatever cut you like. We usually go for sirloin when cooking at home, and if I’m honest steaks from Aldi are the best bet unless you have a good butcher!

– A good amount of (preferably freshly) ground black pepper

– One handful of mushrooms

– Splash of something alcoholic – brandy works best, failing that use white wine or even sherry

– Around 100ml of cream

Now let’s cook a steak!

 photo 2014-05-02195659_zps581ce4e7.jpgAbout half an hour before cooking, cover your steak (on both sides) in the pepper. I like my steak really peppery, but adjust this to your own tastes. When ready to cook, heat some fat in a pan over a high heat, until foaming. We normally use butter here, but my boyfriend has used cocoa butter before which works amazing well! Cook the steaks quickly on both sides (see here for a rough timing guide). Throw on a pan, cover with foil, and pop in a low oven.

 photo 2014-05-02195622_zps65f624e0.jpgThrow your sliced/whole mushrooms into the pan (with a little extra butter) and quickly fry until golden brown. Add the alcohol and cook off, then stir in the cream, turn down the heat, and simmer until thickened.

Serve the steak, topped with the sauce, alongside your favourite accompaniments. Can’t go wrong with chips and peas in my opinion!
 photo 2014-05-02200141_zpse369b03f.jpg

How do you like your steak?