Beauty: Bon Jovi Palette

 photo 2014-05-02190138_zpsea48f22e.jpgI was waiting to photograph this all term – right the way from Christmas through to Easter! I first read about it on Tattooed Tealady and knew it would make a perfect present for my sister (who loves all kinds of rock-style music – she’s into more recent bands for my eighties taste though!). After conferring with my mum it become the first piece of proper makeup my sister has ever owned, and she loves it!

 photo 2014-05-02190355_zps40309d02.jpgThere’s a great selection of eyeshadow shades (neutrals, and some darker tones to make a wonderfully smokey eye). The shadows are so buttery soft, and well pigmented. From a beginners point of view they are also easy to apply as mistakes blend out well! I must say that I personally felt the pans were a little small for the price, and I know this is something that is said of a lot of theBalm’s products.

 photo 2014-05-02190243_zpsfcd99e78.jpgThe palette also includes a highlighter (this is lovely, as its pale and not too glittery – again perfect for a beginner) and a blush (which is dauntingly bright, and I’m not sure its been used). And there’s some lip shades too. These feel a little sticky, but they are lovely just not to my taste)

 photo 2014-05-02190332_zps59961c90.jpgAll in all theBalm’s Bon Jovi palette is the perfect edition to a rock-chic’s makeup bag. I reckon it would make a great gift, and I’m definitely tempted to try more of the brand’s offerings as I do admire the quality of the eyeshadows.

Have you tried any products from theBalm?