Recipe: Homemade Pizza

Pizza. Definitely one of my absolute favourite foods, and one which I’ve not let my tomato allergy stop me from enjoying. White pizzas are just as popular over in Italy, and in my opinion just as delicious (plus you get extra cheese – why wouldn’t you want that?!). The lack of tomato sauce really lets the freshness of ingredients shine through; my favourite combo is a simple courgette, fresh basil and goat’s cheese mix, but adding broad beans and prosciutto is also insanely good…

 photo Pizza Dough_zpswwofx8v6.jpgPlease note that this recipe has now been updated (and, to be honest, much improved!), and can be found here along with some rather yummy topping suggestions.

Are you a fan of pizza? What’s your favourite topping?


  • Angela

    I too make home made pizzas- so much better than mass produced ones. I must try your cooking method in the frying pan though- nothing worse than a soggy bottom!!

    • I’ve found it makes less mess too, as toppings don’t slide off as easily! x

  • Angela

    oh, meant to also say – full fat mozzarella is great with a few chunks of feta cheese scattered on top!

  • Ah the perfect tip for crispy bottom! Love it! & I must check out the Red Pepper & almond pesto as an alternative sauce sounds yummy!

    • It is the closest thing to tomatoes I’ve tried so far, pretty sure I have three jars in the cupboard as ‘back ups’! x

  • I’ve never actually made my own pizza, is that sad? Although saying that I love making naan bread pizza, those are so good!

    • I definitely recommend making your own, but I’m also putting naan bread pizza on the list to make! x