Skincare: Dr Organic Pomegranate Soap

 photo 233_zpscd0bdaf0.jpgI know this post might be a little controversial in terms of skincare, as I know a lot of people avoid soaps as they ‘dry out the skin’ – however I’m of the opinion that if something works, don’t try and fix it! And that is why I’ve been washing my face with Dr Organic Pomegranate Soap for a few years now.

I first bought this soap to use on my arms to deal with my Keratosis Pilaris (which is particularly bad on my upper arms and legs at the moment – I must make an effort to use this more regularly as it does help!) and ended up using it on my face one night. I woke up without the few little spots that always appeared overnight, so I’ve used this ever since. I simply wet my face, get some lather on my hands and massage it in, then rinse off with a flannel.

 photo 2014-05-02193956_zps8844da6a.jpgI don’t find this drying, although I do follow up with an exfoliating toner and moisturiser. I find it is the only thing that really helps my skin stay clear. I can definitely tell if I don’t use it for a few days, so I make a conscious effort to ensure its always in my overnight bag! I went through a stage of not using it (when I was following the regime I blogged about here) and that was definitely a period where my skin was at its worst!

I’m not saying this will work for everybody, but its a great little soap (minus the seeds – they are painfully scratchy!) and it works for me. And the best part? At 2.99 (Holland & Barrett) its already dirt-cheap, but a bar will last me at least 9 months. This is definitely good skin on a budget!

What’s your favourite facial cleanser?