Friday Favourites: Beauty Blogs

 photo Blogs_zps57407db5.jpgAnother Friday, another Favourites post. Its scary how quickly these are coming round, mainly because when I sat and scheduled the first two (Lifestyle, and Food) my exams hadn’t even started, yet by the time this one goes live I will be 24 hours away from freedom. Today I’m going to talk about beauty blogs. I probably read beauty blogs more often than others, purely cos I am a bit of a product junkie, but careful with my pennies so I like to consider purchases carefully. I don’t think I’ve bought something without reading 15 or so bloggers opinions on it!

I actually found it really difficult to write this list as I love a lot of blogs, so I went with ones that I always read new posts immediately, instead of waiting until a quiet moment.

 photo MyPaleSkin_zpsbfe4988e.pngFirst off we have My Pale Skin. I found this blog through googling for pale foundations (I really, really struggle to find a decent match!) and have been hooked ever since – especially now Em is doing the ‘Pale Test.’ I love the layout of this blog, so minimalist but different (the blue colour seems so original!) and the photography is excellent. I’m a sucker for good photography, I just wish mine was up to scratch!

 photo BedintheKitchen_zpscd6178c9.pngJaye’s blog Bed in the Kitchen is definitely one that I stop and read whenever she posts – I just love her writing style as its a great mix of to-the-point reviews and her chatty style. I really loved her Desktop Beauty post, I’m also a bit of a workaholic so definitely need to make time to pamper myself at the desk!

 photo SweetElectric_zps12d79dbf.pngSweet Electric is a blog I’ve followed for quite a few months, and I love the mix of budget and high-end reviews – the last thing I want is a blog full of products I just can’t afford! I’ve bookmarked Zoe’s Improving Photography post as that’s something I really aim to do once exams are finished. I also love Sweet Electric for a slightly selfish reason – I recently won a Nuxe giveaway on there, and so have an exciting parcel waiting for me to get home once these exams are out of the way. I can’t wait!

 photo HelloOctober_zpsbdd9b6e1.pngFinally there’s Hello October. Probably more of a lifestyle blog, but I love her beauty posts! She recently posted a Matte Brown Smokey Eye tutorial which I’m looking forward to following! I love the mix of posts of this blog, again its really a lifestyle blog but definitely one of my favourites!

Well done girls for making it into my favourites, and remember from this post that one of you I’ve nominated for a Cosmo Blog award! Nominations close on Monday I think, so get nominating!

What’s your favourite blog award? Have you nominated any yet?