Frugal Fashion: Florals on a Budget

 photo 2014-05-09172113_zpscc15bf22.jpgBit of an unusual post from me today, as I don’t usually do fashion posts – mainly because I’m not overly confident about how I look in photographs and so won’t take a photo of me in an outfit! I’d love to change that (especially as I have a few great post ideas!) but for now what I’ve done is just photographed the clothes! Let me know if you’d like to see more fashion-style posts in the future…

I’m going to talk about how I shop on a budget for one of my favourite styles – floral prints. I’m a skirts and dresses girl, rarely seen in jeans (although if you’ve seen me in exam period you’ll know I’ll live in denim then!) and I love florals. Most of my wardrobe is filled with floral prints, and I’ve found they’re really versatile – wearable through all seasons, and they never seem to be not on trend.

So, floral shopping on a budget…

 photo 2014-05-09172128_zps10bbf56a.jpgCheck out charity shops and Ebay, and Improvise

I bought this lovely skirt (from Urban Outfitters originally) on Ebay for around £7, and I love it. The colours are fine to wear throughout the year (as it looks great with bare legs and sandals, as well as brown wooly tights and ankle boots). If you find yourself moving towards skirts rather than dresses, go out and buy a bunch of different camisoles as these can change the look of a skirt without costing a fortune.

Taking inspiration from this skirt – if you already have one thats looking a bit tired, try buying some interesting buttons and sewing them on. I love the mismatched buttons on this skirt, and I think it makes the skirt look a lot more interesting.

Don’t Dismiss Supermarkets

ASDA isn’t good just for its food prices, its clothing range is also one of my favourites. I virtually live in their pumps (the only ones currently is existence which don’t rub my ankles or fall apart after two wears) and their children’s school cardigans are a lifesaver for the shorties amongst us (£6 for a cardigan? Yes please!). The black dress in the top corner of the first photograph is one of my current favourite things as its so easy to wear, and doesn’t crease up – great for throwing in a bag for staying at my boyfriends! Its also a nice length, short enough to feel ‘trendy’ but not too short that I’m forever wondering if I’m scaring the people behind me…

 photo 2014-05-09171644_zps3506ee52.jpgMake Sensible Purchases

Try to buy items which you can wear all year round – think about colours carefully. Pastels don’t particularly work well in the winter, but slightly bolder colours will work in colder and warmer weather. This Two-in-One Dress* (£28.00) from Madam Rage wouldwork equally well in the summer (dressed with bare legs, sandals and a bright lip) and winter (I’m thinking thick tights, boots, chunky cardigan) due to its mix of bright and dark colours. As far as floral patterns go, I love with website – I’m lusting after this, this and this at the moment! I was sent the above dress for the purpose of a review (all opinions, as always, are my own) and I was really impressed with the speedy delivery and the ease at which this dress has washed – sometimes I find this material loses its shape quite quickly, but this still looks pretty much like new.

Make Use of Discounts

This is something I really put in to remind myself – I always forget to flash my student card in the shops! I bought this skirt from New Look and was completely oblivious to the fact that I could have got 20% off at the time…

Where do you buy your clothes from?