Beauty: Bargain Makeup Brushes* Review

 photo 2014-07-29175827_zpsc38abd80.jpgI’m always on the look out for cheap brushes; I love my Bodyshop brushes, but I’m desperate for some kind of buffing brush (too tight to pay out for a Real Techniques though!). When I heard Glow Beauty Shop were looking for bloggers to review some brushes, I jumped at the chance.

 photo 2014-07-29175417_zps30da0fd3.jpgI must say I was slightly disappointed at first; they arrived in a very battered envelope, and were also quite squished in. They were also quite smelly when I received them; a synthetic plastic smell that took a good few days airing to disappear to a level I felt comfortable with putting near my face. Problems aside, I’m actually really impressed!

 photo 2014-07-29175519_zps9b23450d.jpgThe first set I tried out was the little travel set I received; I unfortunately can’t find a link online, but if anyone spots one I’d be so grateful if you could point me in the direction! This is possibly one of the best quality travel sets I’ve tried; impossibly soft, but with a decent range too. The biggest brush is actually big enough to apply more than a stripe of powder, the eyeshadow brushes are fluffy enough to actually blend. The pouch is pretty practical too; I often prefer black to patterns as I’m fussy about colours/floral etc…

 photo 2014-07-29175633_zpsfafdab78.jpg photo 2014-07-29175647_zps11f573e1.jpgMy feelings lasted to the second brush set too; the Value 12 Piece set which at around £4 at the moment (£6.25 full price) is just amazing. Some great quality brushes; the foundation brush is flat and tradition as opposed to buffing, but its a little fatter than ones I’ve used previously – I’m liking it so far! I’m majorly impressed with the quality of the handles; too many brushes have light, flimsy ones but these are strong, sturdy and a lot longer than I’m used to too. I’ve seen little shedding from all of the brushes; the only one I’m slightly unimpressed with is the fan brush as it arrived with a lot of hairs out of place…but I’m not sure what these are used for anyway!

 photo 2014-07-29175827_zpsc38abd80.jpgIf you’re looking to start building a makeup brush collection, or you just want a cheap travel set, then I’d highly recommend these; just give them a good airing and wash before their first use! A side note here: Happy 25 Wedding Anniversary to my parents, hope you have a lovely day!

What makeup brushes do you use?