Beauty: Current Skincare Routine

I’ve really upped my game skincare wise recently – having started a ‘proper job’ my skin really rebelled against the air-conditioning of the office, and was dry, sore and itchy. Coupled with breakouts caused by wearing more makeup than normal, I really wasn’t happy in my own skin (pun intended)…things are now slowly on the up, and it’s never been in such good condition.

 photo 49b3a026-fd34-46a3-b2bb-fbaf173e3922_zps6ee4df17.jpgWhen I first get in, I remove makeup. I start by using Garnier Micellar Water to get rid of eye-makeup – I used to use this on my whole face, but actually find it quite irritating and drying. Definitely fine for the eyes though. I then use Bodyshop’s Camomile Oil Cleanser over my whole face – this gets rid of everything, and leaves my face very soft. I massage it onto dry skin, splash my face with water and continue massaging (it turns into a milky liquid), then rinse off.

 photo 0131fb63-5f50-4d34-8158-b437f660bff7_zps4e1fc8b9.jpgBefore bed, I wash my face with Dr Organic Pomegranate Soap, which I’ve talked about before. Everytime I remove this from my routine my skin breaks out, so its staying firmly in for the foreseeable future! I then just use some Pixi-Glow Tonic swiped over my face, before moisturising with the pink Garnier Moisture Match. I’ll then slap on some of the hyped Nuxe lip balm before bed. Note – this is overhyped, but the smell is gorgeous.

Now, a little chat about Pixi Glow Tonic. At £16 it is not what I’d class as budget skincare. However my bottle has lasted me since Valentine’s day with daily useage, and I also have two small bottles filled from it at home and my boyfriends. So I’d say it would last a good year, which makes it a decent investment. And it works. My skin has never been softer, my skin tone has improved dramatically – and spots clear up in double-quick time with no (!) scarring.

 photo fa93f035-89b6-4925-b301-af2df0901c86_zps5f198e67.jpgIn the morning I’ll cleanse with the oil if I feel a little grubby, moisturise with the yellow moisturiser, before continuing with my makeup. Occasionally if I’m in need of a lift I’ll use Nuxe Youth & Radiance Revealing Fluid (also won alongside the lip balm) – its good, does work, but way overpriced! Oh, and both morning and night I’ll use a cheapy eye-cream – the patting really does help with puffy bags!
 photo 49b3a026-fd34-46a3-b2bb-fbaf173e3922_zps6ee4df17.jpg

What’s your current skincare routine?