Beauty: All The Rimmel Foundations

 photo cbdb74dc-8ff2-4fb7-a972-c09f7358cbf8_zps6b3788a5.jpgSince working out that Light Porcelain was a pretty perfect colour match for my skin tone (it’s still a littleeee dark on occasion, but nothing decent blending can’t solve) I’ve been buying up every Rimmel foundation in the shade. I was applying my makeup a few days ago, pondering which one to use, when I realised that there’s very few foundation comparison posts out there. Especially ones comparing all the Rimmel foundations for pale skin – so here’s mine!

 photo 7f84a710-c18b-4dd0-acd2-38361301341c_zps301ad740.jpgMatch Perfection was my first purchase. I’m pretty glad it was, had it been the one that nearlys made it I doubt I would have bought any more Rimmel products. Match Perfection is my go-to when I want decent coverage, but not necessarily a whole day’s wear. It lasts well, a good six-ish hours, but not quite well enough throughout a work day. Pretty sure air conditioning doesn’t help with it. This provides the most natural looking finish – it evens out my skintone, hides blemishes pretty well, makes me look more refreshed, but doesn’t look caked on. Definitely one of my favourites for weekend wear.

 photo b5daeabe-4427-46ad-b3eb-bb6469346279_zpsfc4ab6f7.jpgNext up is the blogger-loved, hyped up Wake Me Up. I don’t like it. If I had bought this one first my Rimmel foundation collection would never have started, I dislike it that much. The colour is actually far more yellow-toned than the others so it goes a little orange on my skintone, and it’s horrifically difficult to blend. It often looks really cakey, particularly around my nose, and it has glitter which I notice. No matter than no-one else seems to care, I can tell it’s there. Oh, and this slides off within a few hours, smells a little over-fruity, and I’m pretty sure it breaks me out. I do wear it, a little mixed in with some of the others, but its not something I would repurchase. Definitely over hyped in my opinion, though I know a lot of people do love it so don’t write it off purely based on my opinion.

 photo 283cbfb6-9ec5-40eb-b64b-30441fa31389_zps98cad5b5.jpgI bought Lasting Finish specifically for work, and I’m glad I did. This lasts forever – its still there when I get home, it would still be there when I went to bed if I let it. I’ve worn it on a warm day in London, followed by a Coldplay concert, and still had to remove at 1am when I got in. Not 25 hours, but longer than foundation has ever lasted before. It can look a little cakey if not blended properly (and I need to blot after my speed walk to the office), but its the closest colour match out of the lot. Coverage is spectacularly high, to the point it covers my freckles. I’d prefer something lighter, but this is going to be a staple in winter as it stops my face drying out in the office. Seriously, I can’t be the only person whose skin despises being at work?!

 photo cc70a8a7-7d38-49a5-9635-2263483bf370_zps1900aa13.jpgMy prayers were answered with Rimmel’s latest release – Lasting Finish Nude. A lighter coverage version of the original Lasting Finish, this is pretty much my idea of foundation perfection. It isn’t thick enough that it covers freckles, but it does a damn good job with blemishes and dark circle. It refreshes my skin and leaves a similar finish (though not quite as dewy) as Match Perfection, and it lasts really, really well. I’ve only worn it to work (so applied at 7.30, removed at around 6) and it looks pretty much the same as when I applied it. For summer this is superior to Lasting Finish as it just feels so much lighter, but still stays around for the whole day. If you only want to buy one foundation, make it this one!

 photo fb064dbf-1a77-4c44-9f30-76415092a3de_zpse54c7b53.jpgSo realistically, the only dud for me is Wake Me Up – a foundation I can’t stand. Its unusual to read a negative review of Wake Me Up, but it just isn’t for me. I love Match Perfection, but with my lifestyle at the moment I need something that lasts all day – and the two Lasting Finish foundations do it for me. Though I have to say, Lasting Finish Nude is slowly sneaking its way to top spot…

Have you tried any Rimmel foundations?