Beauty: Nails for the Office

Having started a professional placement recently I’ve definitely had to smarten up my appearance. I’m by no means suggesting all work places are like this, but my office is quite strict on workwear and smartness. The men wear ties, everyone is in suits, and personally I’d never show up with overly bright, sparkly or (God forbid) chipped nails.

 photo 10fa5b41-869e-49fa-89c8-fda21a656fc5_zpsac8687d8.jpgI have nothing against bright nails. In fact the shade on my toe nails right now is definitely eye-catching, and I do wear brights on my finger nails. But I don’t particularly like them against workwear, particularly mine (I wear a lot of brown-toned suits) so I’ve found myself gravitating to more neutral shades.

 photo d92452d0-e2a9-4f5c-a3fb-a75175fb1b9d_zps6902c316.jpgThe grey tones in this little collection are earmarked for the cooler weather; I bought a set of four from Primark this time last year and love them. The shades are so unique compared to anything I’ve seen, and I like the thin precise brushes. Admittedly the quality isn’t the best, it’s a little gloopy, but finished with a top coat I can get three days wear out of these. I’ve not got a full week out of any nails ever (including Shellac) so three days isn’t too shabby at all.

 photo 443ed9c1-31c8-4244-95e0-6b68055834ad_zps693e7c27.jpgHere’s my two favourites. The dark shade is Essie’s Shearling Darling – I might not like brights, but I do like dark nails! This was in their last Winter collection, though I bought the single bottle on Ebay. Essie polishes are expensive, but I love the shade range, love the brushes, and they last well without chipping. I can virtually guarantee that if I can’t find the shade I have in mind anywhere else, Essie will have it. Now the nude. This is my perfect nude! A lot are too cream or brown toned, but this is just pink enough to warm my skin tone without being pink. Pretty impressed with the formula for Collection too (it’s not a brand I hold highly in my opinions), and I can just squeeze four days wear out of this one.

 photo 7d4bbb87-20cd-4381-a0a5-e695ad8b2073_zpsdaa624f5.jpgMaybe I need a new topcoat. I’m currently relying on Barry M’s, and I do love it – but I need something a little more chip resistant. Any non Seche Vite recommendations?

What are your current favourite nail polishes?