Fashion: Printed vs Traditional Satchels

You all know I love my satchels. From my massive customiser monster of a Patent Oxblood satchel*, to my traditional easy-open one (which I STILL haven’t blogged about – I have just written a note in my diary to photograph it), to my drag it up mountains pre-distressed grab-and-go*, to my pretty summery pink delight*, I just love them. Something about the shape of a satchel feels so right to me, pretty enough to go with dresses, but not overly feminine. They’re pretty practical too – I find the shape means things can only rearrange themselves so much. And obviously buckles are a pickpocketers nightmare.

Up until a few months ago I’d stuck solidly to plain (ish) leather satchels, but winning Kat Got the Cream’s giveaway meant I was able to try out a patterned fabric style. This bird-pattern is lovely, though admittedly not exactly my thing, and the satchel is clearly well made. A teeny bit small (it’s probably a 8-10 incher) it’s ideal for popping out to do the food shopping, or walking the dog. Would I use it all the time? No. It’s not a practical size for me, and doesn’t tend to go with much unlike my others.

 photo 1417026e-3a0b-4c70-9ad2-304d3bf9891c_zps478ba716.jpgThe biggest issue for me however is how dirty it gets. I suspect this would be the same for all fabric satchels – it just doesn’t clean up very well. At least leather (even fake leather!) is pretty much wipeable, and all of my other satchels look pretty damn good considering how much I’ve used them. This one just looks a little worse for wear, though it has now been thoroughly adopted and loved by my mum.

Would I buy a fabric satchel? Nope. Leather all the way for me! It just feels so much more expensive (and it doesn’t have to cost loads!), wipes clean, and looks a lot more professional. Plus who wouldn’t want the opportunity to customise their very own satchel (PS, remember I have a discount code at Leather Satchel Company)!?

What’s your bag of choice this Autumn?