What’s Occurring Wednesday: September Favourites

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! The 12 months since last September has been pretty tough for me, but I’m pleased to say things are looking a lot brighter now. I’m pretty useless at regular series of posts so I thought I’d hide behind my WOW posts and occasionally post monthly favourites. Something I swore I’d never do as they actually drive me crazy. My favourites are going to be pretty lifestyle-y though, and hopefully not too many ‘posed’ photographs, with most being taken throughout the month. *justifying myself*

This month I’ve virtually lived in pyjamas. Being ill, tired and my living situation (living with three lab mixes = a lot of hair) means wearing proper clothes after work felt like a bit of a waste, so I’ve been climbing into PJs virtually straight away. I did invest in some slightly less ‘sleepy’ looking ones though – I’ve fallen in love with ones fitted at the ankle, and I could just about get away with popping to the corner shops in them if I really had to. I’ve actually stolen this image from Pinterest though (cheeky!)…I couldn’t find the one I took!

 photo 2014-09-27203207_zpsce380b12.jpgI’ve developed a bit of a peanut butter addiction. Not only have I taken to scooping it out of the jar with dark chocolate (shush!) and baking yummy treats with it, but I’ve been eating ice cream and hot drinks laced with the stuff. I loved the Peanut Butter hottie, although it was a little sweet. Perfect for before bed as it made me feel really sleepy. Shame about the price…

Our Zoo. I wasn’t expecting much from this program, but I was hooked from the first episode when I accidentally left my TV on after Bake Off. Such a good period drama – decent story line, believeable characters, some excellent acting (particularly from the vicar), and it’s nice to see something without any kind of sexual scenes. I’m no prude, but sometimes I just want something easy to watch on the train without funny looks from the person next to me…

Other than being ill, lazy and working, much of the past month has been spent starting to look for a dress for my 21st (less than 9 weeks to go!). Not sure whether I’m more excited about my birthday, or the fact that it will be the first bit of time I have off work since I started in July. I’m looking for something lacy but different, either in black, plum or a nice green/navy. Not too long, but I don’t mind a bit of cleavage. I’ve fallen in love with this dress (and this one) from Anthropologie, my new favourite shop. How gorgeous is the first one?! Way out of my budget though…

  • I’m from really near Chester, I grew up going to Chester Zoo so we’ve all been watching Our Zoo with a sort of weird fascination! I liked the peanut butter hottie too when I tried it, although the taste of peanut butter always seems “thick” even when it isn’t, if you know what I mean!

    Sammy xo.


    • Wow, must be interesting knowing the actual zoo! Keep forgetting its based on a true story! x

  • I’ve started doing lifestyle faves rather than beauty! So much more true to what interests me so I fully support this post. Love the dress! I wore a navy one shoulder for my 21st a couple of years ago 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Will have to have a read! I adore the dress, but it’s just too expensive. I may have bought a bargain one today, just need to try and lose weight to fit into it! x

  • I love lifestyle posts! Good choice! That ‘sleep all day’ jumper is lush! I want it!


  • Love your blog. I have been watching Our Zoo too and, although a couple of episodes behind, I cant wait to watch it. I love a good family adventure, though I think it could have been aired at an earlier time. Thanks for tweeting me- have subbed 🙂 x

    • Awh thank you! And I definitely agree, I think it would be the perfect family program for 8pm! x

  • I’ve also been loving pyjamas recently- I had to stop myself putting mine on at about 5pm today because there were people coming round! I got some leggings style ones that are fitted at the ankle and you’re so right about them being less ‘sleepy’ looking- I like to think they look like I could just be about to do a spot of yoga or something haha (they definitely don’t though). Also I don’t get the idea of just eating peanut butter out the jar, but on dark chocolate? That sounds absolutely fine to me, and a rather great idea!
    Jennifer x

    • They are so comfy too! And give the peanut butter thing a try, it’s my favourite evening snack! x

  • I love PJS and literally live in them when Im at uni. I get dressed out of my sleeping pjs and into my daytime bumming about the house attempting to do work pjs! If Im not leaving the house I might as well be warm and comfy! I’ve caught a few minutes of Our Zoo and thought it looked interesting, so might have to have a binge session on iplayer.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    • I seriously recommend watching it – it’s fast become my favourite! I’m a week behind as myself and boyfriend watch it together on visit weekends – two hours this weekend is something I’m really looking forward to! x

  • I’ve been loving Our Zoo too! I live about an hour away from Chester Zoo so have been plenty of times, but I’ve never really known the history so this show is fascinating!
    Also living in pyjamas too, when I’m not having to be anywhere… Oh, student life 😉

    • I’d love to go to Chester Zoo having watched the program! I just wish I could have a pyjama day – placement working means that’s impossible til next summer really! x

  • I have done exactly the same thing with The Zoo! Accidentally leaving it on after Bake Off and secretly falling in love with it!


    • I love it – been watching with my boyfriend on our visit weekends, so we’re slightly behind! x