Recipe: American Pancake Stack for One

I loveeeeee pancakes. Seriously, I cannot get enough of them. My mum used to make pancakes most weekends when we were growing up (my favourite topping was lemon and sugar, ate outside for reasons discussed here), and now my boyfriend alternates between cooking me a fry-up and his amazing crepes on visit weekends. I know, I’m such a lucky girl! It does mean though that on weekends where I’m all alone, I miss my pancake fix. Not anymore!

 photo de5357a6-bb3a-48bf-9f69-e207f98b1676_zpsed8bf7e6.jpgI’ve managed to come up with a recipe for fluffy, light, flavoursome American pancakes, in just the right serving for a (greedy) single person. So many of the recipes I found serve two, and I’m not quite that greedy. This recipe makes around 8 small pancakes – trust me they are quite small, this isn’t just a giant plate!

 photo 40f03523-8767-48e8-aa70-41782be62b93_zps88b15dcf.jpgFor the photos here I’ve made a nutella stack – sandwiching each pancake with a splodge of nutella. The effect was chocolatey and stodgy – just what I needed whilst recovering from the flu and moping about after visiting my girls in Canterbury the day before. I’ve had these drizzled with honey too, and they were just as delicious. Keep an eye out for a fruity version soon too!

 photo fd6728a4-43ef-4980-adc9-668c141b6adb_zps9e7d94fb.jpgNow, I make this recipe by eye, straight into the jug (anything to reduce washing up!) so here we go; Grab a 1/2 pint jug, crack and beat an egg. Top up with milk to between 150 and 200ml. Whisk in 2.5 tablespoons of plain flour, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder. You want a really thick, but still pourable, batter – add more milk/flour as necessary. Some recipes add a little sugar to the batter, or some melted butter. I’d rather save the calories for the topping.

 photo 131f9657-6c70-4ca3-843c-2e2c68e2bff3_zps14a20859.jpg photo c73ba5b1-77c1-4be8-8e15-844ffe6c89a0_zps6e4aa037.jpgMelt a teeny bit of butter in a frying pan, and pour in a small amount of batter. It spreads surprisingly far for being so thick! Fry over a relaitvely high heat until the upside is lightly bubbling, and no longer gooey looking – but don’t let the underside burn! Flip over and continue cooking for a few seconds, until both sides are golden. Transfer to a plate, and keep warm in a low oven.

 photo d1e02152-c100-4478-8fb1-e5824c326568_zps5a9c6af9.jpgIf you’re making a nutella stack, spread each pancake with a little nutella before popping in the oven.

 photo 40f03523-8767-48e8-aa70-41782be62b93_zps88b15dcf.jpgThere you have it – the perfect American pancakes for one. I’m itching to try these with maple syrup and bacon, but I reckon that will have to wait for a date brunch!

So, do you like pancakes? More importantly, what’s your topping of choice?!

  • These look delicious! Like seriously good. Have you tried banana pancakes? I like topping them with loads of stuff as they’re a bit healthier šŸ™‚

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • I definitely need to try these banana pancakes – I love banana and nutella together anyway so they sound perfect! x

  • Ooh yum, looks delicious! I’m so glad you’ve made this a recipe for one- who has time to do maths when you’re craving a stack of pancakes?! Nutella is definitely my topping of choice, although a drizzle of golden syrup comes a rather close second. My housemate makes oat pancakes which are delicious too with a drizzle of honey and a few slices of banana, and they actually keep for a day or two in an airtight container, so you can save a couple if you don’t get through the entire stack in one sitting!
    Jennifer x

  • Oh my god, they look amazing… I know what I’m having for dinner haha

    Hannah xxx

    • That sounds good! I’m always tempted by savoury pancakes, but never quite had the courage to go for it! x

  • Mm mm mmm. Pancakes are my favourite breakfast on weekends! Try using self-raising flour for even fatter, fluffier results : )

    N xo

    • Oh, maybe I will. I try not to buy self-raising flour too often as otherwise my cupboard is scarily full of baking ingredients – but maybe a small bag just for pancakes… x

  • Cat

    Mmmm Nutella is amazing, REALLY! Those pancakes look delish too – they look like an inbetween thickness of an American pancake and a crepe which is awesome! Some of those American pancakes are so thick it’s like eating super-packed bread haha your pancakes look great though! šŸ™‚

    Cat ā™„ Cachoo Joo

    • I agree – these are the perfect combination I’ve found. The pain I go through, experimenting with pancake recipes for you guys! x

  • Ah these look amazing! Love nutella on my pancakes (or on anything) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Omg Nutella and pancakes. Perfect combination. They look really good.


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