Lifestyle: Girly Date at The Chocolate Cafe, Canterbury

Looking back I didn’t visit the Chocolate Cafe in my second year at university, which is strange because I loved it in my first year. Me and my boyfriend would go on an evening, after a meal out, and cuddle up on one of the many armchairs dotted around. Chatting and catching up, coupled with hot chocolate. The waffles made it just about perfect.

 photo d5940928-cb76-49b2-b175-671d9b54f23c_zpse3027a74.jpgWhen I went to visit my university girls last weekend (I miss them so much!) the Chocolate Cafe was number one on our list for eats. To be honest, I’d have loved a visit to Pork & Co too, but you can’t have everything. And I did go and buy five bags of pork scratchings…Anyway, the Chocolate Cafe it was, after a visit to the new Primark, and the accidental purchase of a new winter coat.

 photo 93b14776-8d77-445c-a721-da5e9b919c2d_zps203d5cb4.jpgIt being suddenly Autumn, suddenly cold, and suddenly very rainy (24 hours earlier I’d been in a pub garden in a t-shirt?!), we were rather hungry, so descended on the savoury items, and the cakes, and the drinks. I pushed the boat out – hot chocolate, mozzarella and prosciutto toastie, and a green tea cake. Others went slightly healthier, choosing tea or juice. But damn, that hot chocolate was worth it! Perfectly thick, almost like melted chocolate but a little more liquid, smooth, and a great chocolatey flavour without being too sweet. Yum. The sandwich was good for a place specialising in the sweet side of things, although it could have been a little hotter, and the cheese wasn’t melted enough. Yummy combination of flavours though, and packed with filling for the price.

 photo 7b148e76-2ac5-4cfc-af97-b2affd48b4f0_zps21e44236.jpgNow my cake! Oh my cake. You probably can’t tell from these awful photos, complete with instagram filter (whoops!) but it was more cheesecake than cake. A light, slightly crunchy base, topped with a green tea cream, and then topped with a thick layer of white chocolate and lemon mousse. It was unlike anything I’ve ever eaten before, but it was utterly delicious. So light and refreshing, whilst being utterly indulgent.

 photo 65bb55ec-1f81-4963-a1fe-74988c9b88dc_zpsdb1d1d94.jpgOf course, I couldn’t stand paying by the chocolate display and not pick up a few, so I used “The Anniversary” as an excuse. I can’t remember what I picked out now, apart from a Blue Cheese and Walnut invention – so it’ll be a surprise when we dig in! We’ve eaten chocolates from there before in the past and they’ve delighted with their flavour combinations, so I’m looking forward to these. I’m hoping to have a few more chocolatey posts up over the next few weeks, as I’ve found some lovely little places which you *have* to visit!

Are you a chocolate lover?

  • There needs to be one of these by me! Keep us updated on what chocolates you did manage to pick out and what you though!

    Sammy xo.

    • Most were lovely. The Blue Cheese & Walnut? My boyfriend ate his half and advised me not to try! x

  • I am such a chocolate lover! There’s a lovely little chocolate shop not far from my flat, and I’m just waiting for the temperatures to dip a little further so I can go and treat myself to their incredible hot chocolate- that is basically just melted chocolate. So good! I also came home this week to find mum has bought me a book about chocolate and recipes, so I might be trying out a bit of my own chocolate truffle crafting in the future!
    Jennifer x

    • That sounds so good! I’m lacking in the cafe etc department this year, though I’m so close to London! Looking forward to some recipes – my boyfriend did handmade chocolate boxes a few Christmases ago and they were amazing! x

  • It all looks and sounds yummy, I’d love to try the cheesecake. I’ll have to pay a visit when I’m back in Canterbury for Christmas! xx


    • It was delicious. My friend had the traditional baked cheesecake which she said was lovely too! The waffles are also amazing! x

  • I looove the chocolate cafe! Have you tried the yoghurt at breakfast? You have it either with fruit puree or melted chocolate – I asked for both. It was incredible!! xxx

    • I haven’t been for breakfast – that’s on the list for next year when I’m back in Canterbury! x

  • It looks amazing there! I will deffo have to try this place out next time I am in Canterbury. Last time I was there I went to the Fudge Kitchen – I’m not sure you can sit down in there though – but they do amazing fudge in there. 🙂

    • I highly recommend it! I can’t say I love the Fudge Kitchen having been spoiled by a different fudge place in Edinburgh, but its great to watch them making the fudge!

  • Everything looks really yummy. I am a chocoholic too. I just love the sound of that cheesecake and hot chocolate. I would so love to try one of these.

    • I recommend it so much – perfect combination too as it wasn’t too heavy! x

  • Wow, this place looks amazing, especially the cake/cheesecake xx

  • Wow everything looks sooooo yummy. I have serious food envy. Great post

    Beth x

  • I have such a sweet tooth 😉 The cake looks yummy

    • I’m actually more of a savoury girl, apart from when it comes to chocolate! x

  • oh my! those desserts look so yummy they are making my mouth waters. yumm

  • they look soo good! btw.. Chocolate lover over here!