Fashion: Sentimental Jewellery

This post was initially titled Everyday Jewellery, but I decided to change the title and not the content. No prizes for guessing why… photo 6d4ce0b4-4d39-42f5-b391-94ceb3fdcc2c_zpsdf75c289.jpgI’m not a fashionable person, and I don’t claim to me. I’ve found a way of dressing which seems to suit both my body shape and my lifestyle, but one of the things I really don’t think suits me is ‘costume jewellery’ – on a day-to-day basis I rarely deviate from some pieces special to me, and I doubt that will change anytime soon! Of course there’s always a few outfits where I like to dress up with a chunky necklace – I was sent a necklace from Sainsbury’s which I love for work, with a plain black skirt and white blouse. But generally here’s what I stick to each day;

 photo 20aa03e6-c630-4857-94d6-8269c963acdd_zpsb7e089fe.jpgMy bracelet is a LoveLinks, cheaper than Pandora (especially as I used to get a discount at the main jewellers selling this in my town, due to working in Debenhams) but amazingly classy with a huge choice of beads. It started off as an eighteenth present from my parents, with the bracelet part and a set of pre-selected white charms and some spacers. My boyfriend, equipped with an annotated version of the brochure, picked out two more lovely beads for me that birthday. I treated myself to one after my nose operation last year, and then it went unadded to until I start my placement this summer – both my parents and my boyfriend bought me one charm each. At the moment I’m unlikely to add to it until I can afford to fully complete it, as it’s at a nice fullness – and once its full I’m very tempted to start going along a different colour scheme, so I can switch it up when I need to. But when most of my clothes are pink/purple and berry tones, this suits me perfectly.

 photo 54ec73cc-566e-4db5-8be1-6f8ace081364_zps54e4546f.jpgThe ring is also immensely special to me, and also an eighteenth present. Long story short, my granddad had always planned to treat myself and my sister on our eighteenth to something special, but unfortunately he developed severe Alzheimers before either of us reached that goal – devastating, but my lovely nan kept his word and we picked out this delicate diamond and white gold ring. It’s not huge, mainly as I have teeny hands so anything bigger looks a little silly, but its just exactly what I wanted, and even three years on (I feel old!) I still love it. Plus the diamond is actually of amazing clarity, so sparkly…I’m a bit of a diamond lover, quality of them over size or quantity any day for me!

 photo d9b5ad09-db0b-4196-9034-a41fa3ddc5b4_zpse5226cc9.jpgMy watch is the result of months of searching for one that was slim enough not to look silly on my child-like wrists. I eventually fell in love with it, made by Radley, it’s tiny, but with a decent sized face, looks classy and it’s too masculine being light grey in colour. It’s also lasted surprisingly well given the thinness of the leather! It was slightly more than I wanted to pay, but hardly expensive compared to most watches you see around!

 photo 6a092e2a-d6ca-4575-a7a0-8337f18d3302_zpsfdade76b.jpgNow finally is my necklace, the most-worn piece of jewellery I’ve ever owned. The other two bits are lovely, and I wear them most days, but obviously for walking the dog, or lounging about, they’re just a bit OTT. This necklace I can honestly say rarely leaves my neck – the only times I’ve not worn it are either because it’s being cleaned, or I’ve snapped the chain. My boyfriend bought it for my on my 17th birthday, after less than two months together. I absolutely love it; its a gorgeous shape that’s not too childish, not too big, and it brings so many wonderful memories – that day may or may not have been when certain words were first uttered, so it’s a huge sentimental piece. My dream is to get it remade in white gold as the silver is starting to slightly tarnish, but I don’t want to let it leave my neck for a long time!

I had planned this post to be quite a quick, unemotional post, but it’s turned into quite the opposite – clearly I have a lot of emotional attachment to these pieces!

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery, and why?