Beauty: Staying Moisturised

Until this year I’ve never suffered too badly with dry skin. Sure, I’ve had some dry patches in the winter, and if I shave too regularly my legs feel pretty parched. But nothing too severe, and since I stopped straightening my hair twice (yes, twice!) a day that’s been in pretty good condition too. But now I’ve started working in an air conditioned office, walking to and from work in all weathers, and spending far more hours than normal on trains something is sucking my body of all its moisture. Even my eyes are dry for heaven’s sake!

 photo be037bf8-91f6-48df-bc56-89259e818c1b_zps8ee743e7.jpgI’ve had to put an extra special effort into staying moisturised, and here’s what’s helping…

 photo 88bbc847-de26-4356-88b3-2dde31889dd4_zps5502b28d.jpgDespite still enjoying using the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser, it’s not quite moisturising enough. It stops my skin feeling sore as I dry it, but other than that it doesn’t seem to benefit my skin as much as it used to. I’ve taken to smoothing on pure coconut oil just after a shower – this is the only thing that really, really seems to help me skin. I’m also using it as a deep conditioner every once in a while, and before having my haircut was using it on any straggly ends too.

 photo 0dae5096-c094-48f9-839f-ef895761f9fc_zps15c49e22.jpgOf course, I can’t quite stop at coconut oil. I love the smell of the Wild Argan collection from The Bodyshop – its incredibly comforting, so I’ve been using the body lotion before bed. I’ll be honest, it’s not particularly moisturising, but it does the job, and sinks in quickly. It’s great for dry elbows though, as you can really massage it in. I’m desperate for the body butter, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ll never buy from there without an offer, and this range is STILLLLL excluded from discounts.

 photo cb40fee4-ab75-4ba7-9ab3-6cd7fd8265e7_zpsffe417e3.jpgMy feet are suffering from the bad weather we’ve been having recently – think torrential rain paired with burst water mains vs ballet pumps. Not only has think made them quite dry and neglected, I’m also keen to get them in good shape for winter. Having had chilblains most winters for a few years as a result of silly shoes and not enough socks, my feet are a priority this year. Chilblains is not particularly nice, especially when you believed it was only a feature in war-time stories. I’ve been slathering on virtually any moisturiser I can get my hands on, but for a deep treatment the Hemp Foot Protector from The Bodyshop can’t really be beaten. It smells pretty vile, but is amazingly effective. Their Peppermint version is lovely for summer too.

 photo eb786be6-2d9d-4308-aadb-74befbbcd042_zps39f549bd.jpgFinally, I’m not sure anyone gets through the winter without chapped lips. I’ve been using Nuxe Reve de Miel for a few months, and am still unsure it’s up to the hype. Sure, I wake up with gorgeously smooth lips, but I find they are often parched again by the evening. Burt’s Bees is my ultimate day-time lip balm – I’m hoping to try some of their more pigmented products soon. You all know how I love a good bold lip!

So, how about you? Do you find air conditioning hellish on your skin? How do you keep your skin soft?