Beauty: Face Sculpting Duo

 photo c1f3f2b9-db92-4479-b6e8-9a5a2bc6d213_zps094cf7f3.jpgI have three criteria when it comes to makeup. It needs to be pale enough. It needs to be super easy to apply. It must last all day. Pretty much against all odds I’ve found the perfect everyday highlighting and contouring options; pale enough, fantastically simple, long-lasting, and pretty much budget friendly too!

 photo 4c410743-2f19-412e-8be2-56ca0501d798_zpscdf29eac.jpgI started coveting Bodyshop’s Honey Bronzer month’s ago, and picked it up just before summer. Despite virtually daily use I’ve hardly made a dent. It’s ridiculously pale for a bronzer, and completely matte. Perfect for contouring, but I can also apply this lightly all over for the (rare) occasion when I want to look a little more tanned.

 photo 9d054e3d-8d86-4faa-93d8-43f061d69799_zps4c001192.jpgApplied with Bodyshop’s blusher brush, blended well, this gives the most model-worthy but subtle cheekbones ever. As someone who resembled a chipmunk before their nose operation, I can safely say this slims your face down well!

 photo 627cf3d4-2ca5-4d1a-8c16-0fe43fc5e9b5_zps426524dd.jpgThat being said, I always felt like my face was lacking a little something. Enter the temptation of a No7 voucher. I’ve not bought anything from N07 in years – I used to love their eyeshadows and mascaras – so I was a little spoilt for choice. I decided to go for something entirely different and picked up this little highlighter stick. And…

 photo 7e295609-daa7-4306-8c2f-90c71d0a6de6_zps80c7561a.jpgI’m so glad I did! Not only is it completely foolproof – swipe on, blend with fingers (yep, not the most hygienic, but I always apply makeup to freshly washed skin…), the colour is stunning. A neutral pearlescent shimmer, which doesn’t look golden on my ghostly skin.  It adds just enough light to the high points of my face, without looking like I threw a pot of glitter over myself. In fact, the only issue is when I forget to blend the swipe on my nose…

 photo ed892dd6-75d5-4b43-9149-2c69c3414658_zpsbafe10f8.jpgBoth of these products last pretty much all day, no matter what other makeup I’m wearing. For work I wear Rimmel’s newest base of Lasting Finish Nude, then the highlighter with a little Bodyshop Mineral Powder over the top. The bronzer finishes everything off. Weekends are for more natural looks, so I just tend to use an illuminating moisturiser, hide the under-eye circles, then use these two products. Either way, my makeup is done in around 7 minutes. The time it takes for a cup of tea to cool to sipping temperature.
 photo bb17748a-abcb-44b3-b264-50e2516307a3_zpsd646dc8b.jpg

Do you use face sculpting products? I have the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette as a 21st present in a month, so I’m looking forward to comparing these products!

  • I love the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, so perfect for pale people, other bronzers I’ve tried are just to dark, this is lovely. The highlighter sounds great as well.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    • The highlighter is stunning, my favorite budget buy of the year! x

  • I really like the look of the highlighter – been enjoying no7 lately so need to pick one of these up – always end up with a voucher! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • I got mine with the voucher – makes it even more of a bargain. Definitely my top pick of the brand! x

  • i bought both of these last month and use them together! they are brilliant 🙂

    • Glad its not just me who thinks they are the perfect combination! x

  • Sounds like a lovely combination! I’ve got to try that bronzer when my current one runs out, it’s rare for me to find one that’s not too dark. The highlighter looks lovely too 🙂 xx


    • I’m ridiculously pale and this one works well for me, especially with my slightly ginger hair. I can see it possibly being too red-toned on pale blonde girls though! x

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