Fashion: “Wide” Leg Boots from JD Williams

I, apparently, have fat legs. I can wear Size 10 skinnies (admittedly they’d be an 8 if it wasn’t for the thighs!), but I struggle every year to get a pair of boots that fit. Last year I dragged my boyfriend round every single boot-selling shop in several towns before buying the first pair that did up. Embarrassingly, even the ‘wide-leg’ range in places can come up very tight. And if I do get a pair to fit on my legs, chances are I’ll have to go up to a size 5 (I wear 3-4 generally), and they will also be wide foot width. And I have narrow feet. To put it simply, I dread needing new boots as I will pretty much always end up in tears and starving myself for a few days.

 photo 2014-11-09162706-1_zps6fa069e9.jpgWhen I saw on Twitter that JD Williams were looking for bloggers to review their products, I did audibly squeal with excitement. Checked their website, and you can specify fit on the calf and the foot. Then crossed my fingers in the hope that they’d want to work with me. Luckily they did, so I sent off a couple of choices and let them surprise me. These delights turned up a few days later.

 photo cee637f7-6c35-4180-9fc9-0d11186f8b09_zps0f5e622c.jpgThe Legroom High Leg Boots* have a subtle brogue style design – it’s more subtle in the black, the two-toned brown pair are slightly more of a statement (and absolutely stunning in my opinion). Old habits die hard and I did order a size 5 – I could have got away with the 4, but a pair of thick socks and these are good to go. They are outstandingly comfortable for new boots. I say that as someone sporting a blister the size of 2 50p pieces from boots I bought last year. Water-tight as I unfortunately discovered whilst shopping on Saturday. Andddd…wait for it…big enough on the calf. I went for the Curvy calf option after the not-so-delightful task of measuring my calf. They come bigger and smaller than what I went for, which is damn good if you ask me. Still slightly too wide in the foot as they come in E as the smallest, but nothing thick socks can’t fix.

 photo 2014-11-09162830-1_zpsadf8f276.jpg Photography fair – I had accidentally set a 10-second timer for all shots…

I’ve since spent hours browsing JD Williams site. Their ankle boots are gorgeous – I have serious, serious lust over these beauties. And I don’t tend to like ankle boots! The site has an amazing array for A/W suitable boots and shoes, quality is high so your feet will stay dry, and the size options is better than I’ve seen elsewhere. I don’t think the price is too high either – between £60 and £100 is standard for a pair of real leather knee-highs, and I have a feel these will last far longer than my last pair. These photos were taken on a very soggy walk in the park (a lull in the rain brought us out!) and my feet stayed warm and dry.

 photo 2014-11-09163219_zps59171173.jpgI’m also wearing a beanie hat from Primark, a shift dress from New Look, and a Mango jacket from four years ago. My boyfriend felt left out so I shot some photos of him – he’s far more photogenic anyway! And here’s the usual disclaimer: I was sent these boots for the purpose of a review, however all opinions are my own and 100% honest. Annnd a cheeky ask – I’d love it if you could vote for me in the 2015 UK Blog Awards. I’m lucky enough to have been nominated in the Food, Young Bloggers (not too sure where this entry is) and Lifestyle categories! Thank you to those who nominated (I hand on heart didn’t nominate myself), fingers crossed to all entrants!

Hope you all had a good weekend – I had a lovely one. Afternoon tea, walks in the park, and a gorgeous Sunday lunch of Salt Beef.  Do you prefer knee-high boots or are you an ankle-boot lover?