What’s Occurring Wednesday: Birthday Outfit Woes

You might have gathered from rants on Twitter over the last few weeks that I’m struggling to find an outfit for my birthday. I turn 21 in less than three weeks (eek!) and am going out for a nice meal with family and boyfriend. Whilst it’s nothing posh (we’re off to the Red Lion), I obviously want to look nice. I thought I’d found the perfect dress in Next, turns out the size I want is out of stock. I’m currently around £200 awaiting refunds, and still without a dress. I’ve had orders go missing, wrong sizes turn up, damaged items. You name it, what could go wrong has done. I only need the hairdresser to slip with the scissors on the day and I’m all set…

Birthday Wishlist

Back to the dress…I want something different, yet classy. On trend, but wearable again. And something that fits. A lot of dresses this season seem to be far too long on me, but petite lengths are always oddly-fitting. Sigh. I was asked by Avenue 32 to create a wishlist based on their website; I took this as the perfect opportunity to get browsing, gather ideas, and maybeee come up with my perfect birthday outfit.

Birthday Dresses


Black is a classic colour, but these dresses are both a little different. The grey lace overlay on this dress is stunning, and takes the harshness away from the black. And I’ve never seen anything like this dress! I love it, though I’m not sure I’d dare to wear that plunge neckline to dinner with my Nan!
Birthday Accessories

I’m sure most of your have guessed that I love berry and burgundy colours – and I feel they really suit me too. They are the perfect accessorising colour for a black or grey dress, so I’d definitely go with these. The bag looks the perfect size for a night out (I really need a teeny satchel!), and the shoes are just gorgeous. I’m becoming more and more of a shoe girl by the week, no longer content with slobbing round the office in flats, I’m now tottering in patent heels. I feel so much more grown up!


Of course, I’d need a new coat to stay warm in the December air. I get a new coat virtually every birthday/Christmas (joint present!) from my Nan, it’s something of a tradition. I’m feeling a grey coat this winter, mainly due to their beauties. I’m especially in love with this classic one, although this almost blazer style one looks deliciously different to the norm. That said, the shape of these would never suit my rather curvy figure…

I loved browsing the Avenue 32 site, they have some pieces which are completely and utterly my style. Their lingerie offering is pretty lovely too – it’s quite rare that I say that as I’m very fussy. Unfortunately the prices put off the student in me, but I am hoping from a little surprise on my birthday! Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, although all opinions are my own.

Do you like having a new outfit for a birthday? Any recommendations of places to look whilst searching for a dress?!